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Spiritual Healing Through Truth.

Black Geek & Gaming Enthusiast Who Actually Plays Video Games 👾 ● Add Me On: PS5/XSX🎮●

You better block me because I will tell you the truth. Home of the hits. Next weeks memes, today. By the way, I identify as GOD. inventor of jenkem and meatballs.

Just a guy bitching about his dog, the NCAA & events. "Dogs and beer are proof God loves us and wants us to be happy."

Christian, Farther of 16, USMarine, retired State Trooper, active shooter instructor, volunteer Firefighter, alderman and the husband to the most awesome Wife a man could ever have.

Here to share videos and picture, as well as conservative views. Follow me on #rumble : user name LongHornCove

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just hanging out

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Oct 2016
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