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The time has come for us to start making Minds mainstream

rexnsmsJul 18, 2020, 6:32:48 PM

I recently wrote this long-form article with a newspaper/magazine I recently started writing for, @nationaltelegraph, because I think we are at a major turning point in how we use/think about social media sites. 

I believe, and if you're reading this post I think you'll agree with me when I say  I think what Minds is doing is/will be the future of social media, now matter how long it takes. The legacy social media sites might try and prevent it, but the dam will break eventually, and we are already the beginning stirrings movement starting to happen with the mass growth of Parler in the last few weeks. 

Parler will, however, disappoint many people as I'm sure many of you Minds users are aware. Although it claims to be in favour of free speech, Parler isn't at all; seemingly banning users for no real, good reason. I discuss this idea at greater length in my article, however, Minds will win in this regard, also; despite doing other things well as well, Minds truly is the best free speech social media network I've come across personally. 

Once you click the article, I think that as a user of Minds, you'll find that you already know most if not all of the stuff I discuss in the article.

I actually wrote this article because I think now is the time we need to start pushing and recommending Minds as network to our personal connections. I know I personally will start doing this from now on. I think that the massive spread of Parler shows there are people out there starving for truth online; we know Parler will fail to provide this community, so it's our duty I think to point out Minds as a real path forward, because we know it does provide this. 

I wrote this article with the idea of being shared by Minds users who have experience using the platform who wish to spread this message to people who know little or nothing about Minds, but could get something out of it. 

Please share this article with your contacts who you think would naturally be inclined to use Minds: people who are above average intelligence, curious, love freedom and new ideas, perhaps even slightly tech savvy, etc (I'm sure you can think of 5 or more people you know personally who would be interested in a network like Minds). 

This group of people who will move on to Minds will can be the beginning of a gradual movement to Minds. 

I believe this will happen because the Minds system is so logical and desirable, most people who have two brains cells to rub together  will see the benefits of Minds over other networks. 

And then not to be mean or anything, but let's just be real for a second: most people are sheep and will follow the herd to whatever is going. Most people have never had a single unique thought in their lives, and I don't even mean that as a bad thing; I'm just talking about the reality. 

But I think you can see what I'm getting it: It's time to start spreading the good word of Minds. 

Reach out to these new users organically and in the way that you think is best, but I think the best way to get people to sign up is through the three main arguments I spell out clearly and simply in my article: 

 1) Minds is how they can easily start making money with the Minds Token 

2) The publicly disclosed source code of the site 

3) Minds commitment to Free Speech 

(1 and 2 are connected and important) 

Good luck! I really hope this can happen, and thanks for reading this article.