No desirable things, no confusion of the heart.

🌱 #plantbased Recipe Creator in 🇺🇸 & 🇩🇪 & Food Photographer

Healthy,Vegan,Vegetarian มังสวิรัติ สุขภาพ สาระ จริยธรรม I love to eat and cooking vegetarian or vegan food,make video cooking, interested yoga and exercise , Writing a book and Can speak a little English

Add me to my Snapchat premium : o.trevisiani You will find everything there 😘

Mixed media artist trying to make interesting things ... Artist

Dessert Reviews, Lifting Weights, and Staying In The Nude YouTube: Instagram/TikTok: @NudeReviewDude

We are association of iridologists, regenerative detoxification specialists, raw food coaches, energy healers and herbalists, specializing in reversing diseases through natural detoxification and nourishment. Since 2014 we helped to heal many people around the world. Hopefully information and testimonials we share, will encourage those with health problems to try healing natural way. We are all about helping. We accept free donations for our work.

Smarty - CEO / Founder John Mendez also known as Smarty was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He was raised in Lancaster, PA. Smarty attended special educational classes at I.U 13. As a child at the age of seven Smarty was one out of five children with an IQ over 250 in the United States. Smarty was skipped grades within 2 months and was considered a true Genius and an inspiration to those who had the pleasure of knowing him. Smarty has always been a critical thinker and had a passion for Math, Science, and Problem solving not only educational or personal, but worldly problems as well. He eventually became bored with main steam education and he began researching, studying, and applying more knowledgeable information which would create opportunities to allow him to help people not only local, but internationally. Smarty's dedication to helping others led him to becoming the founder of HOLOTECH and he is now making an impact in the world of Pure Soul Energy Science.

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Mar 2020
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