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What is Hate Speech?

Reformation USAMay 28, 2019, 7:05:51 PM

What is Hate Speech?  Well, that would matter on who you ask. According to facebook , anything that they do not like is considered Hate Speech.  Let me give a brief history of my facebook "Hate Speech"  bans. 

My first run in with the facebook police was a little over a year ago. I had shared a video clip of an Antifa member throwing a brick at a window, and the brick came back and hit the man in the face and knocked him down. He then got up and ran away. I could not for the life of me understand why that would be considered "Hate Speech". I received a 24 hour ban.

My second ban, which was also a 24 hour ban was for a comment I had made on a friends post. She was on a 3 day facebook ban and when she got back on, she posted "Am I Free".  I then commented "No, the word Free is offensive. What if there is a Trans Species Pedophile who is in prison for raping children, he is not  Free, and might get offended".  Yep, facebook decided that if a Trans Species Pedophile seen my comment, they might get offended. Way to go facebook, you have proved how sick and demented you are. 

My 3rd 24 hour ban came after someone who liked my page, didn't like something I had posted , and commented with "I don't like this group, please remove me from it NOW".  I then replied "It's not a group dumbo, it is a page that you follow".  Yep, facebook considers calling someone "Dumbo" hate speech.

My 4th ban , was now moved up to a 3 day ban. On May 4th 2019, I received the news that I was on a 3 day ban for "Hate Speech" for a Paul Washer sermon clip that I had uploaded 2 years ago. This time, I appealed it. They waited 2 1/2  days to only deny my appeal. So I appealed it again and  they made a final decision that it was in fact "Hate Speech"  and they closed the case. 

First appeal for Paul Washer sermon clip

After my 3 day ban  was up, and multiple news articles were written about my 3 day ban, and the news had gone viral, facebook sent me an apology email and told me they were sorry, and that they had made a mistake.  I believe that if the story had not gone viral, they would never have apologized and I would be on my way to longer bans , or maybe even be permanently deplatformed. During my 3 day ban , I made an account on Minds, and I really enjoy being able to speak freely without wondering if I am gonna wake up in the morning and be banned. 

Now, it's not only happened to me. Many others are being banned, deplatformed and censored for similar things. Check out a few of the screenshots below. 

JC Ryle quote posted in a fb group

Another account disabled for "Hate Speech" 

We could go on and on with posting stuff that facebook considers "Hate Speech" , but I'm sure that you get the point by now.  But what about when Liberals threatened to rape my wife? I reported it, and facebook said that it does not go against their community standards. What about when Liberals threatened to kill my then 2 year old daughter? Nope, that does not go against their community standards either. What about when anyone from the Left calls for violence against  white people? Check out this screenshot below

As you can clearly see, anything goes if it's a Leftist actually spewing hate Speech. But, If you are a Christian, Conservative or Libertarian , you can be banned for just about anything.  Facebook was once a great social media platform that allowed you to engage in meaningful conversation, but now it has turned into a far left propaganda machine which aims to make people think what they want you to think. On July 1st, Christians around the world are planning to fast from facebook for at least 24 hours.  This is a great idea, and I will be fasting from facebook myself on that day.  To stay connected with me , please subscribe to minds.com/reformationusa