Angelic Emissary, Intuitive Empath, Motivator, Instrument of Love, Creator & Artist, and Lover of Life!

too hippie to be punk ... to punk to be a hippie

Mother, Author, Permaculture practitioner and Dancer, I follow anything that calls to my soul and meanwhile I write, write, write ♥ For more posts by me, check out my website,

I believe that there is an equality to all humanity. We all suck. Motorcycles, Astronomy, Science, Politics and weird humor. German|English

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Scott Cunningham
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Hey there, I'm Scott. On Crypto & Things, I explore blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, censorship, and privacy. Overall though, my main focus is on blockchain social media platforms which I believe will be the next level of social communication. - all my social channels and latest posts can be found here

Sep 2016
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