A big 22 year old red headed gamer obsessed with video games and NSFW stuff

'Kindly remember: the ridiculous hype that offends so many is not of my making.'

just another federal agent sharing random shit in the internet always glad to help

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Straight out of twitter and forcing myself onto your minds timeline. Possibly here to waste your time or entertain. With uploads of my music and shitposts galore with rantings of things that don鈥檛 really matter. So stick around drop a comment and take a front row seat on all the nonsensical crap right off the top of my head. I share memes, art, opinions, and various things I find strange or interesting. So get comfy sugar nuts cause the previews are over.

The Official (NSFW ARTIST) CakeBunnyNSFW 馃敒 Please, no minors 馃敒 lover and creator of futanari

Twitter @/BottomOperative I don't like it there. recovering porn addict, epic gamer, male, 21.

minds is a bad site you shouldn't use it. it's just gab telegram: Xenocrat Discord: Xenocrat#0905

Moderate 2A liberal 馃憖 the left 馃殮 off a fucking cliff, Hur/Dur, Amateur Comic (#P2IByBHL), YTber, Memer

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| t螖x =(2v+v0 ) | Groucho-Marxist | Tenor | Omnichomatic | 伪/惟/鈭/鈦吼潝 | Meat eating vegan | 鈮 螢 | 掳蠅掳 |

Pixiv: pixiv.me/ritsuriot| Twitter: twitter.com/NotRitsuka|Pillowfort: pillowfort.social/RitsukaStartsARiot |FGO: 767,137,900|Discord: Ritsuka #1598|Anti-Icon|Back up in case Twitter goes to shit|PFP by Yuureii|Anime tits aplenty here|traditional artist

Jan 2021
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