Recognizing Evil

Knowing The Difference

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Greetings visitors. If you've come here from my comments, Hi! 😆 If you're here because you're lost or bored,Hi! 😉 Just a word of warning,  I am the asshole in person that I am on here. No apologies or regrets. Just ask my x-wyf,  I scared her so much that she didn't even put up any kind of fight for custody of my kids. 😎 With that said, if I hurt your fee-fee's w/my comments, put on your big girl panties and go fuck your mom in that crusty old asshole of hers. 😂 If you decide to hang around,  I hope enjoy the show. 😈

I started On youTube in early April 2017, and created profiles to let people see my work. Started learning how to use Blender end of April and am trying to bring some short 3d clips as I learn how to make them along with some mixed content when I feel I have something to say. Please enjoy

Independent artist with a passion for crypto and good times.

Oct 2019
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