Real Grey Abductee *CE5*


I’m an English professor at Mount Aloysius College, I host the Sectarian Review Podcast, and I write every now and then.

"If you want to find the secrets of universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" -Nikola Tesla

welcome inside deep but beautiful world! Estonian boy in action! Travelling the world. Opening it up for better understanding All the nature, all free! Freedom of information Power of speech Small or big Truth is bigger enjoy it all. why I'm here? well, I think the information what I have needs to be shared. trying my best to help people with cool inspiring videos and texts from people who have but there time to make it simple for us. I start making my content as well,but good ideas take time and we don't have lot of time. I share what I feel is good for #minds Helping my mind,body and soul to create the world we all seek. I'm not alone, that helps. Don't trade your spirit to tech, support life! plz look up what you support! I'm not here to say what I share is right,watch and have your opinions. Work smart and travel hard! I am a weird bug spirit trying to go in space😋 Before I go let's dance in mud and play life. Weird life, normal me. soon sharing new platforms and plans of future Thx for the likes, shares and comments.

Ngu đến thế là cùng, không thể ngu hơn!

A native of Philadelphia, Lesia C. Kuzma received her Bachelor of Arts with Honors from Princeton University and Juris Doctor Degree from Villanova School of Law. She was highly recognized for her admirable work as the Chair of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Mortgage Foreclosure Steering Committee. Visit -

May 2019
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