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Things To Consider When Selecting Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

readthisofficefurniturezineOct 23, 2018, 10:48:16 PM

Using a keyboard tray is the most effective way to make a keyboard ergonomic. A keyboard tray will angle the keyboard at a negative tilt which is the most comfortable position for typing for most people. A keyboard tray is a device that holds your keyboard and allows you to maneuver it into the desired position for typing. Most people type with their arms too far out in front of their bodies and the wrists too high. An ergonomic keyboard tray can twist the workstation layout by allowing you to type in a healthy posture. The purpose of ergonomic keyboard trays is to prevent strain, to reduce fatigue, avoiding musculoskeletal disorders and enhancing comfort. Typing can lead to problems such as tendinitis and neck, back and shoulder pains. There are three types of keyboard trays namely chair mounted, under desk mounted and wall mounted keyboard trays. These are the tips to consider when selecting an ergonomic keyboard tray.

Mounting. Keyboard trays are usually mounted on the workspace so you will have to ensure that the surface can accept screws on the underside. Woody material allows the attachment of keyboard trays unlike glass and other surfaces. There are keyboard trays which can be fastened with adhesive strips. One needs to consider the shape of the workspace, and where you want to attach your keyboard tray and then measure the depth under the desk to determine the length of the track, you will need.

Many office workers opt for office desks that allow them to alternate between standing and sitting. Some ergonomic keyboard trays claim to accommodate a change in height. An ergonomic keyboard tray for a stand sit desk should be able to change to about fifteen changes. Most keyboard trays adjust to only nine inches of height, so one has to be careful when shopping.

An excellent ergonomic desk should be firm and sturdy to support your keyboard tray. Cheap materials made from plastic are weak and prone to breakage they also tend to bounce when you try to type.

Look for a keyboard tray that allows the mouse to be used on either the right and left side when several people are using the workstation. There should also be enough room to use the mouse comfortably. Most keyboards require knobs to adjust the angle.

Cost. One needs to buy an ergonomic keyboard tray that is affordable, and that will last longer instead of getting a cheaper one that needs to be changed regularly.

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