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Important stages of Reading Development

readourtopreviewsJun 6, 2019, 3:20:51 PM

There are various stages of reading development that can help you assist your child. Each stage helps in building off the skills that the child acquired in the previous stages. The first stage of reading development is emerging pre-reader. This is the stage that is of great help to children between 6 months and six years. This is the age between which children learn different words and how to speak. By the end of this stage, children may know some letters of the alphabet. They can understand a lot of words when you read, but they can only read a few. Click here for more info: Getthemstarted.com.

The second stage of reading development is the novice reader. This is the stage of children between 6 and seven years. This is the stage where children form connections between words that are printed and sounds as well. In this stage, children are always able to read very many words. It becomes easy for them to recognize words that are always frequently used. They also start to pronounce those words they have never seen. This is usually the stage where children understand how to spell words correctly. They also try to understand the meaning of written words. Click here for more info.

The next critical stage of reading development is the decoding reader. This is the stage at which children are able to read short stories they are familiar with. They can read more words than in the second stage. Children at this age learn how letters in certain words affect their meanings. Children at this stage always find it easy to guess the sound of words and how they can be defined. In this reading development stage, children become more confident when they are reading. They also become smooth readers because they are familiar with various words. In this stage, you should be keen to ensure that your child understands what they are reading.

The next stage of reading development is known as the fluent and the comprehending reader. Reading at this stage is meant to give instructions to achieve something. Children at this stage learn how to give meaning to stories. Children can effectively read independently in this stage. The last stage of reading development is for the expert reader. In this stage, teens are able to read fluently. They understand the meaning of books, magazines, and newspapers. This is the stage where children practice their literacy skills throughout their adulthood. Learn more here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/how-i-taught-my-two-year-old-how-to-read_n_9696322.