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Why not take an unorthodox look at our meaningless lives in the hope that we can better ourselves by discarding trivial nonsense? Web Development https://recycledrobot.co.uk If It Wasn't For Those Damn Whelks! https://impshum.co.uk Moarthan News Sauce https://moarthan.co.uk Anime Memes https://theotakumeme.com Faith In Humanity Score https://faithinhumanityscore.co.uk
Nick Maxwell Verified artist on many social media networks. Especially art related. Abstract Painter and 8bitPixelArt.
glitch artist グリッチアーティスト Its best you stay away, as I fall into the abyss. I will only drag you with me. I will glitch your things for crypto. BTC - 38SCC2RP7W1aaaBH2S7mXcmkYPg7fRTQNK ETH - 0xE66042e17A6D55576BDf32c2E3E0cc815942919e -------------------------------------My gifs are best viewed on desktop/laptop in the pop out view by clicking on them. Mobile view and gallery view(on desktop) can sometimes ruin them.
Married for 16 years to my Master. Loving life and hoping for an even greater future. Welcome to my world. Touch my mind. Go ahead it's ok.
I enjoy dominance, the female form, freedom unless it is consented to another. Please subscribe and if you want to see my submissive do something ask. She is the one in the picture of the Golden Johnson.
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Van Buren
Feb 2019
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