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Tutorial - Next Cloud - Your Own Personal Cloud

museJul 1, 2018, 12:36:27 PM

Data is important in this world, and as censorship cracks down on people and their data is banned, taking personal control of your data is even more important. This Tutorial will guide you into setting up your own personal cloud, on your own private server so that no government or social media company can delete your data. The crackdown in Vietnam is proof of this importance.

I will show you how to install Next Cloud, and install it on the service Vultr. To use Vultr, go to vultr.com and create an account. You should be able to get $3 credit when you tweet to others about Vultr. This is a paid service, but because this is private and under your control, it is worth the money.

Once you have created an account, and have some money on the account through tweeting about Vultr or with a Credit Card, go to my.vultr.com/deploy and choose the location closest to you.

Secondly, click Application, and then Nextcloud.

Thirdly, choose the server size that fits best with you. For $5/mo you get 25GB of very fast SSD cloud storage. For $80/mo you get 200GB. There are in between values of $10, $20, $40. Choose what suits your need the most.

Next, if you would like to you can give your server a name, this is optional. Then click "Deploy Now".

You will then be taken back to this page, where it shows you your server being installed.

Click on the name of your server and you will be taken to a page that looks like the image below. Look at the green arrow and you will see three things:

1. An IP address(the number that starts with https://)
2. A User
3. A Password

Copy the IP address into the address bar and press enter and you will see a page like below. Click advanced and then "Add Exception". You are just telling your computer to trust this site.

You will see a screen that looks like this image below, click "Confirm Security Exception"

You will then see a page like below. Enter the Username and Password that you saw before and click login.

Great!!! you now have a safe home for all your data!!! You can use this web application to upload all the files you need to keep safe!!