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A live show using rationality, reason, humor, philosophy and reasonable conversation in an attempt to make the world more pleasant for all of us involved in it. Broadcasts live every Saturday morning from 9:30-11AM PST on Dlive, Twitch, and Periscope! (Prior shows available on Bitchute and on Soundcloud and iTunes (in audio podcast format). (Links below!) "Don't take no shit off of nobody." -Yul Brenner, Cool Runnings Wesbsite:: Dlive: Bitchute: Twitch: iTunes: Steemit: Twitter: Gab:
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Joe DiGenova says Barr "Knows where the bodies are burried." and that he will be absolutely investigating what happened with SpyGate. Daily news, based on reason and evidence, and details here:
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Today's stream - qanon, 4th of July, and Ron Paul on bitcoin/cryptocurrencies!
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