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Quoth The Raven *posts cute anime girls* | Also just opened this because why not
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I enjoy many things in life. People need not like all of them, but that is their right. Just know that you may find yourself looking at things you may not like. I will not practice self-restraint because of others' preferences. This is all about choice. People can choose to view this content, they can also choose to leave it alone. Knowing the above, you will find in no particular order: 1.) Gaming Stuff 2.) Political Posts 3.) Cute Things 4.) Random Shit that catches my interest 5.) Dubious amounts of kek 6.) Wonderful Celebrations of Geek Culture Caveat Emptor. Feel free to engage with me in English, German, Chinese, or Japanese.

Did you fuck up?.. Posting Waifu Lewd`s just for fun.

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just me and my own little cozy section of the internet. uwu

Alright fine I'm back, (RIP @TekinomoRevenge on Twitter dot com) will shitposting and NSFW🔞 as usual your friendly neighborhood weeblord

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