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What They Don't Tell You about Dynamic Characters

qianabulleri2632Aug 20, 2018, 1:01:26 PM

A man has a life, a good one with his family being his little piece of heaven. One can see the satisfaction on his face as he waits upon them to get ready so that they can go enjoy themselves someplace. Suddenly his home is stormed with thieves and they shoot everyone on sight. The bullet hits him at his arm, the bandits convinced they have completed their mission leave. The man regains his consciousness and recuperates at hospital. When he is out of hospital he vows to seek revenge for his family's murder. Such is an example of a dynamic character.

Interestingly the dynamic characters beliefs, attitudes and personality are all determined by the circumstances around him. Like in the case of this man when he had his family he seems to be happy, satisfied and content when he loses them vengeance and hatred seem to be all he has left. The man's situation changed and so did his attitude. He appears to be a victim of unfortunate events that led to his family's demise and wants those who took them away from him to pay.

The thing about them is that they have a way of spicing up the story line. They engage those who would care to see it from their eyes to a series of life altering events. For instance the man meets up with a woman on the way who has heard of his quest. She has also has lost someone in the same way but she needs help she feels that she can help a whole lot of girls who have been rumored to have been trafficked by the same gang. The man wants to continue with his mission but feels compelled to help her out. View website to know more.

As it is seen with the development to the story a new meaning has been added to his quest and this again speaks about him as character. Later he comes to find out that he only has two options either to be a savior or a hero. He thinks of the woman and the girls he could help save their lives. His personality suddenly changes since his need for vengeance is sacrificed for the sake of a higher cause of freedom for the girls .His personality comes out a little differently this time.

Why is it so important to have these characters. For starters, they are the backbone of every great story. They help get out the frail nature of human beings and the strength that comes with it. People are able to connect with their story even better. Aside from that, they give everyone else an opportunity to think of what they would do or feel like if they were to ever go through different life seasons. Check out this link for more details.

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