Chest Thumper Outdoors was created out of a love for the outdoors and a passion for sharing that love for others.

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Nonprofit fundraiser, consultant

While walking on the Sea of Tranquility, I looked up and gazed upon a distant earth and remembered something vaguely. So, I look behind me and saw my footprints on its dusty soil. Then, I looked in front of me, where upon I realized I might drown; I shot for the moon and must now reach its shore, I awoke in a cold sweat and, as I lied there, I remembered an eerie beauty; the silent white, gray hues, profound shadows and shades there of; ascending inner dark mysteries and reclining bright secrets; an overwhelming loneliness of truths screaming in silence and solitude, ever so real. I knew then I am all I have and must never feel alone in who I am. I am I...dreaming in the pale moon light of pearls and dust.

Don’t know what I’m doing really. Video games, Anime, and Politics.

May 2021
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