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Who is Marion Petty (Pettie)?

Patriots SoapboxJul 18, 2019, 7:35:56 PM


The Finders are a group of alleged child traffickers who may be tied to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. In my research into the Finders cult I have not been able to find a lot of information about Marion Pettie the alleged leader of the group. What information about him is available is elusive and sketchy to say the least. The most telling information, in my opinion comes from The Conscious Resistance in their two-part series on The Finders, "Who Will Find What The Finders Hide?":

A Piece on The Finders...

The following are direct quotes from an article entitled "Wilson’s Words and Pictures" by Ellen Wilson: 

“Marion Petty is the founder of the Finders cult, which was an extension of the CIA, MK Ultra Program. Mr. Pettie was the master of the games being spun out of this particular program, thus the name "Game Caller" that the children in this program called him. It is believed that he was part of the LARP, or Live Action Role Playing technique used in this Program. Apparently Marion Pettie was introduced to the Office of Strategic Services, (OSS, pre-CIA) through Nick Van Neumann, John Van Neuman’s brother. John Von Neumann was probably one of the most intelligent physicists and computer scientists ever to walk the face of the Earth. Legend has it that as he was working along side Einstein he used to play Prussian marching music to piss him off. Von Neumann was a National Socialist while Einstein’s political views were more Zionist in nature. Thus Einstein became the poster child of modern physics and quantum mechanics.”

"Marion Pettie then met Charles E Marsh, who ran the best private intelligence network of that time period. Marsh’s mentor was the infamous Edward Mandell House, who had negotiated the Versailles Treaty and was a confidante of President Woodrow Wilson, the president who sold America out to the Federal Reserve, a foreign owned banking cartel. Marsh gave Pettie money to purchase hundreds of acres of farmland in Culpeper County, Virginia."  

"Interestingly, the CIA’s training grounds are called ‘the Farm’ and are located in Virginia. Marion Pettie’s son also worked for Air America, a CIA cut-out company. It is unknown if he was a pilot or worked in some other capacity. Air America most likely was used to transport illegal contraband such as drugs and/or humans. The Finders were run by Marion Pettie - an extremely charismatic and unusual man who held beliefs about “natural living” and on his properties organized camps of “free children” who were weaned off their parents and kept illiterate, living in tents outdoors with almost no supervision. The group was centered around Pettie ‘Calling Games’ - where he would direct his followers to go do any number of nonsensical things in search of their inner child. He referred to himself as The Game Caller."  

"The Finders cult was a young group of men, women, and children who claimed to be nothing more than former hippies living an alternative lifestyle and practicing alternative parenting. The Finders were founded by a mysterious man with military connections nicknamed “The Game Caller” who believed in turning his life, and the lives of those around him, into a constant game or experiment. “ It was Ted Gunderson who discovered the Finder’s Network of operations when he was working the Franklin Cover-Up case. He was called in as lead investigator on Franklin when private investigator, Gary Caridori, who just had a major break through on the case was murdered in a plane crash along with his eight year old son shortly after takeoff out of Chicago. It is believed that these cases involve an ongoing international pedophile/murder racket/ring, intelligence services and corporations/banks that are intertwined in a worldwide network of dark occult murders."

The above article mentions Pettie’s attachment or involvement to: Intelligence agencies Real Estate Investments Development/Education of Children New Age Beliefs & Teachings Other Elitists like himself Cases involving child trafficking, child abuse, child rape, use of mind control techniques, blood rituals & murder.

In my opinion, how could one person be tied to all of the above mentioned unless there is some grain of truth to it. Look at the connections: Intelligence agencies which have gone rogue, involved in procurement of real estate in which will allow the building of mind control facilities so they may house their victims indefinitely, always at their disposal. Developing or educating or as I would put it, brainwashing the children or victims, to believe the abuse being perpetrated on them is normal or positive; while also teaching satanic, new age beliefs that follow the “do what thy wilt” philosophy of Alisteir Crowley. Influence with money from other wealthy elitists who are involved in this evil abuse against our children, and are involved in its evil rituals, practices & beliefs. It is a worldwide problem because these elitists traffic around the world. Strange Behaviors Associated with this Group or Cult: Child trafficking, Child abuse, Sexual abuse (women & children) Brainwashing, using Live action role playing, & using Blood sacrifice rituals.

And here’s where it all starts looking a lot more like ElsaGate. The following are direct quotes from “Elsagate” Link here.

Here are some direct quotes from “The Game Caller” by Carver Ted: 

“They describe manipulation and distraction techniques used to enforce rules and restore “harmony” after its been disrupted: And then, it nearly mirrors a SuperheroesIRL video: The dramas are always fun. For example, Michael and Bob sometimes don costumes, masks and wild wigs. This usually happens when the kids need to be distracted from something that is causing a lack of harmony. One of us comes running through the clearing yelling, “Mean Mike and Bad Bob are coming, Mean Mike and Bad Bob are coming.” The actors then enter the camp as if they were monsters or wild men with appropriate gestures and props. The kids cower behind tents and trees in mock horror and equilibrium is restored to the camp. These kinds of dramas are required on a regular basis and are sometimes repeated, but to be effective new dramas are continually necessary. The imaginations of the caregivers are always challenged. In any interactions between big people and kids, Pettie suggests the adults be on their knees.”

“Marion Pettie visits with a good deal of CIA friends as well as people dealing in hypnotism throughout the book: We head for a “spinoff house,” a place that was started by people who used to be associated with Pettie or were friends of Pettie. It’s the home of Freda Morris, a professional hypnotist and author of The Hitchhiking Hypnotist, and a couple of other books. Marion Pettie describing why he doesn’t believe in children getting educated: “It doesn’t have a name,” he says. “It can’t be taught and it can’t be bought. But it can be sought and it can be caught. Every little baby has it. Somewhere along the line people lose it, usually from going to school. I never lost it. I caught on early in life that most of the people that I came in contact with were trying to get some leverage over me. So I rejected all authority at an early age. It’s all power. That’s the only thing worth studying, power. The other things that you can focus your mind on are interesting, but if you don’t know that power is at the heart of everything, then you will get off the track. If you do know that, then everything else falls into place.” Marion Pettie describing his hobby of exhuming dead bodies to retrieve their skulls: “No, not me. That would be too much like work. I decided at an early age that I was never going to do any manual labor. I only dug up graves after they were occupied.” “Isn’t that against the law?” somebody says. “I told you it was against the law. It’s a fairly serious crime, although there’s no rational reason for it to be.” 

“The first time was when I was a kid in Arlington,” Pettie says. “My buddies and I had a club. We used to meet in the loft of an abandoned barn. We dug up an old grave in an abandoned cemetery for the skull. We used to put it in the center of the circle when we held a meeting.” Pettie brings up being sexually active at a young age often, seemingly for no reason: “I was big for my age. That’s one reason I was able to get in the army at thirteen. And I was sexually mature pretty early. Some of my friends had told me about a whorehouse down on Pennsylvania Avenue at about Fifth Street. The building isn’t there anymore. I just went down there and knocked on the door and they let me in, no questions asked. I believe I was thirteen.” 

"Pettie describes how their ‘Game’ will spread: You start out in little affinity groups of two or three or four people and learn how to work together. These little groups then link up and form bigger groups. But you only talk to people who are in your state of consciousness. Natural lines of communication is the key thing. When these affinity groups link up, you form a United States of Consciousness. It can exist right alongside of the United States of America or in any other political group, but it works best if you keep it very low key and don’t challenge the existing power structure.” Then for some odd reason, while The Finders are being investigated for being a pedophilia ring, Marion Pettie orders Terrell to go immediately to the McMartin school (again, the site of 400 allegations of brutal sexual assault on children) to see whats good: My only excursion is to spend a day on public transportation going down to Manhattan Beach to look at the McMartin School and take the pulse of the town where another child abuse hysteria has squeezed away all common sense.”

One of the Only Known Images of Marion Pettie

In connection with the investigation (or should I say lack of investigation) of the Finders Cult in 1987, this was revealed in the 1987 Investigation: In these pages are the most damning accounts of alleged trafficking of children and potential connections to intelligence agencies. Agent Martinez says his search of the documents revealed the following:

Detailed instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes

Instructions on the impregnation of female members of The Finders

Telex messages using MCI mail, an early version of email

One such telex specifically ordering the purchase of two children in Hong Kong to be arranged through a contact in the Chinese Embassy

Another telex expressing interest in “bank secrecy” situations

Documents identifying interests in high-tech transfers to the United Kingdom, and numerous properties under the control of the Finders

Documents relating to terrorism, explosives, and the evasion of law enforcement

[Also found in the “computer room” was] A detailed summary of the events surrounding the previous night’s arrests of the two adults and six children in a Tallahassee park

And a set of instructions which appeared to be broadcast via a computer network which advised the participants to move “the children” and keep them moving through different jurisdictions, and instructions on how to avoid police attention

Mr. Pettie would “probably go to Andrews Air Force base and get a military plane to China”. The strange thing is there are several mentions of connections to China elsewhere in the TPD report and in the US Customs report. Why were the Finders men carrying a Chinese-English dictionary with them? Mary said she learned to count to 10 in Chinese from a Chinese man at the warehouse, and, as we will see in a moment, the US Customs report on the Finders mentioned that children were being ordered from a contact in Hong Kong." Children involved with the Finders, were to say they were “traveling to a school for brilliant children in Mexico.” 

Other companies with connections to the Finders: The Merry Maids Cleaning Service, Intertel (which is connected to MOSSAD), Future Enterprisers and MENSA University. My research will continue with other names involved in the Finders & other cult organizations tied to the illegal trafficking industry. 

Stay Tuned...