Costume Work, Leather Work, Wood Work, Steampunkery, Gadgetery, Ideas... etc.

VeneBrasile帽a馃嚮馃嚜馃嚙馃嚪 Carioca con ascendente en la playa. 馃寘 am an independent Brazil-based Portrait and Nude Photographer 馃摲

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Thanks for visiting our channel :D This is now a team-up of two people: O.K - me, I'm managing the channel, and I will be interacting with you using this account NekroIC - my brother, who is very much involved in the channel as well, but he'll be interacting with you via his own account: Right now, on the channel we'll be showing some of our drawings, maybe lil' bits of fanart here and there, and a lil' bit of 3D maybe. We'll see. #art #3D

Astrid the Online Viking
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On my Viking phone, posting about what interests me the most. Have a nice day

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Game B kinda person. 馃槉 ,, ,, ,, .-=-=-=-. ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ ^^ ( `-=-=-=-(@)-=-=-` ) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-`) `-=-=-=-=-`

Science & Technology
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Science & Technology

Ex-theist since 2004 Ex-leftist since 2016 I hate scolds. I hate using the term 'centrist' because it makes me sound like a fence sitter. However, there is no side of this fence in which the dead grass is not painted green.

May 2019
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