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Far out used to be a compliment.

I haven't reviewed the full context yet. Is this the post you are talking about? Speech isn't violence. I don't see that post as close to unlawful even if it's rage baiting. @destiny


What do you think about Destiny encouraging the assassination of President Trump? Morally, and also from a TOS standpoint.


NOW - Trump covered in blood after assassination attempt.

It depends how old I am and how I feel about the state of earth, my family and work.


If a large, bioluminescent turtle came to you in the night, claiming he wanted to take you away from earth to show you the many galaxies and civilizations, do you go with the Turtle?

if you send me a good supermind ill probably follow you

Excessive state secrecy

We sued California with @Timcast, @thebabylonbee and @futo which X later referenced in their related lawsuit. We have built the most censorship resistant ad network of any social media that I'm aware of. By launching a Minds Network at or being a user...See more


I recently saw statements from #X and #Rumble regarding the #GARM attempts to pressure advertisers to pull funding from #FreeSpeech platforms. How has #Minds addressed / will Minds address these censorship efforts? I understand that Musk is suing. I'm hoping a lot of others step up and do the same.

I find statist to be a more effective label than leftists.