Breaking: FACEBOOK HAS UNRESTRICTED MINDS LINKS For the last couple of years, Facebook has been requiring a captcha to post or message our links and slandered as 'Unsecure'. In some cases they completely blocked us in messenger for no justifiable reason and refused to connect us with a human. This was a major act of censorship. Finally, the ban has been lifted. Please share links to your Minds content and channel on Facebook and other platforms to fuel the migration to transparent, privacy conscious networks. Image Credit: Recycled Propaganda


Breaking news! Bill Ottman, CEO and co-founder of Minds, is attending The White House Social Media Summit to discuss transparency, privacy, digital rights and civil discourse between the left and right both online and offline. Use #minds everywhere and spread the word! #news #politics #opensource #technology


How has your mind changed since joining #minds?


#Minds EPIC news! We just raised $6m from Patrick Byrne and Medici Ventures, a team dedicated to Internet freedom, advancing blockchain technology and decentralizing the web. This is a momentous step which will allow us to put massive resources into evolving the platform, building the team and expanding the Minds global network. Your personal energy is responsible for this milestone, both as investors and as members of the community. Minds is growing stronger every day, and now we are accelerating our efforts. Thank you for your support and commitment....we are winning the war for the web. #news #freespeech


We are very close to going live! Here is a nice summary of the Minds platform and token. #MindsToken #InternetFreedom


Happy to announce the addition of referrals to our reward system. This allows you to earn tokens for helping expand Minds! Simply add ?referrer=YOURUSERNAME to the end of any Minds link you share around the web with your exact username at the end. When people signup from that link within 24 hours, you will be credited with a referral score of 10 once they provide a phone number for unique ID (which we do not store). You can track earnings in the contributions tab of your wallet. Please help us test this and let us know feedback in the support group. Thank you!


Happy Friday #Minds. You can now cross-post to twitter and facebook by tapping the share icon on your status bar. Let's use this feature to migrate humanity off the censorship platforms! We will be adding cross-posting to more networks in the future. #freespeech #opensource #encryption #internetmigration


People who are active everyday of the month will receive 5,000 points at the end! Happy August. PS. Big surprise Thursday :)


Upgrade! On desktop we now support international language translations for posts! If you click the globe icon on the top of any post, or the dropdown on comments, you can translate to any language. General site translations are coming. Also, be sure to check your email and claim your free 1,000 points today. :) We have major announcements coming... Thank you, Minds!


Big upgrade on desktop today! We now have live comments that work like a group chat as well as live notifications and notification filters. Enjoy and please report feedback in the bug group (that little bug on the top bar). Much more coming to both web and mobile... :)

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