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Living in Enemy Territory: Is This What you Want America? If not, Here’s What Needs to Happen to Take America Back Those of us living in the United States are currently living in enemy-occupied territory. The criminals running the country are the Wall Street Billionaires, mostly from Big Pharma and Big Tech, and their Central Bankers. (Throughout the rest of this article I will refer to them as the "Globalists.") They didn't use coercion, they didn't use superior firepower like tanks and SWAT teams, they just simply declared a "pandemic" over a "killer virus" and then told everyone to go home and stay there, and to make sure they always wore a mask, even indoors, and to stop assembling with one another. They basically declared the Constitution of the United States null and void, so they could "fight the virus" with "emergency orders" which they claimed superseded the Constitution. Oh I think there were battle plans in place. Everyone expected major upheaval and fighting around the national elections and inauguration last year. After all, we got a taste of it in most of the major urban areas last summer, starting in Minneapolis. But my guess is that the Globalists saw how successful their reign of fear worked, and how pathetic the "insurrection" was in D.C. in early January, that they just decided to go full speed ahead and start injecting everyone and kill off a major portion of the population that way, since there has been basically no opposition to their evil plans so far. No tanks, no armed forces, no "dirty" bombs - just lies and propaganda broadcast through their corporate media were all they needed to set their plan in place. They now control all three branches of the federal government, the economy, and for the most part the day-to-day lives of the American population. They still have a lot of work to do, for sure, to transition to a one-world government with a one-world digital currency, ruling over the masses that they want to significantly deplete through genocide, using the new COVID injections which are still only 4 months into the roll out. They have absolutely no intention to allow Americans' lives to return to "normal," now defined as vintage 2019 life. If we continue on our current course, things are going to get a LOT worse. Deaths and destruction are going to start multiplying by the end of the year, making 2020 look like a year-long vacation. Is this the USA you want America? If not, I am going to outline in this article what needs to happen to take back control of this country. #TakeBackAmerica #BehindEnemyLines #NewWorldOrder #CoronaHoax #plandemic
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There has been a lot of feedback over the changes we made last week to the engagement rewards, both positive and negative. While some of you disagree with the change, it has already drastically improved the feeds and ensuring that fraudulent channels are not gaining a large share of the reward pool inauthentically, and authentic users are earning more. So while our solution is not perfect, it has significantly protected the economy more than before, as it is now much more costly for bots or spammers to manipulate the system. After doing my best to sort through the comments, it seems that there are two main areas of concern that we need to work to find a solution for. 1. Make it easier to buy Minds+ or Pro with tokens ( 2. Find a way to trust the engagement of non-paying users while still protecting against fraudulent behavior ( If you have ideas or want to help solve these issues, please comment your thoughts on the gitlab task. Please try to only use Gitlab for constructive commentary and not spam or complaints, as these are complex topics. Thanks.
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