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The Left doesn't even notice their own racism 🤷‍♂️

Bet you can't guess where I'm at 😉

Gratuitous selfie time! I'm ready. 😅

This decal is triggering all the right people 😂 I'm selling these "I'm (identifying as) vaccinated" decals. $5 each or 3 for $10. Purchases help support Patriot-owned business. Designed, produced, and shipped in USA. Decals are high-quality 6-year vinyl, measuring 6"x3." Free shipping anywhere in US. To purchase, cash app ( or PayPal ( ---> include shipping address and quantity.

Looking for Partner for project

I'm getting ready to order a batch, but I'll need to get an idea how many to order. Pre-order yours today (email me at [email protected]). Final price will depend on size of bulk order.

Most times a video's "truth" is determined by the screen through which it passes.

Do you ever make yourself a cup of coffee and end up getting super busy, only to discover hours later that you had, in fact, made yourself a cup of coffee? 😂 #thestruggleisreal

Another design completed for a Nashville country-western concert hall. Need a design for your business?

I'm selling these "I'm (identifying as) Vaccinated" high-quality vinyl decals (getting them printed now). If you want one ($5 each), please let me know. T-Shirt options coming soon. Cash App at (be sure to include your address)

I was today years old when I realized how hairy Yosemite Sam is.. 😳😅👀