~StormFeather~ #LifeCoachFromHell sez "Be Ready, it only gets worse"

I am Stormfeather

~@Stormfeather~ lifecoach from hell

and then there's that fucking stormfeather that fucker will rattlesnake if someone holds the head he will fuck anything that moves , doesn't move, or doesn't get out of the fucking way !!!

when @Stormfeather hits you with 35 posts in a row...

Samsung Smart TV Audit/Tracking division Letterhead : Dear Mr. Stormfeather @ Minds.com, Please do us a favor here at Smart TV Tracking... PLEASE stop having "Old People sex" while watching Pornhub on your new Samsung Gen 5 smart TV... we have had to hire 15 new people in the last 3 days, who have reviewed and monitored your TV watching habits to send to the FBI and NSA... we have also had to clean Vomit from the monitors and Keyboards from the former employees and their terminals, the Human resources department has been inundated with lawsuit files made because of you and your female counterpart and the massive amount of reshares on the "Old People having crazy sex" upvotes on the pornhub channel as well. Please immediately cease and desist this behavior, or we will be forced to remove you from our smart tv marketing program. Sincerly and Srsly (U old Perverts) Mantikuru Oshiribuku, Vice President, Samsung Smart TV Marketing & Data Department.

and just like that Stormfeather got the diabetuz


You May Get High, but you won't get as High as Stormfeather videoing a F8cking truck going backwards down a railroad track and the driver waves to you high...