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For anyone who's interested, tomorrow i'll be taking part in a live-streaming "Galactic Perspectives" world panel. Join us w/ your all your related thoughts and comments! Galactic Perspectives – International Panel Dec 5th – 8 PM EST – 0200 GMT / LONDON 10 AM FRIDAY SK-TOKYO Tom Schaefer #FLORIDA Free Cosmos – Galactic Perspectives Japhy Ryder #SEOUL- #WPRPN, Secret Santa Outreach Initiative #OSS2019 Johny Webb #LONDON Updates about Robbert Van Den Broeke Topic: Documents & Declarations That Changed The History of The Planet, global awakening, higher consciousness, ET contact, UFOlogy, and of course – keeping a galactic perspective!


Likely FAR more in broad based support of the basic resistance principles, NOT all the deluded religious BS

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