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Meditation Music composer. Relaxation, Ambient, New Age, Dark Ambient, Drone for Yoga, Reiki, Zen, Mindfulness, Inner Journey, Stress Relief, Sleep, Nap, Heal
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Former gamer, alcohol and pornography addict to Healer. You can do it to! I can help people of all ages who may be suffering with these perceived “illnesses”.
The “mystery” of this world is that it is currently controlled by Satan. I want no part of any New Age, Jesuit, Zionist Freemasonry mystery “religions”. If you haven’t accepted Christ as your personal savior, do yourself and your family a favor now (look up and say the Sinner’s Prayer). Receiving Jesus is truly the only thing that matters in this fallen world. Until the second-coming, servants and saints persevere and hold your truth. You are not imagining the evil that is hidden in plain sight. God favored you enough to take the scales from your eyes, unlike those disillusioned ❤️🙏 And Aliens are really demons!
Currently living in Ontario, Canada. My hobbies are crypto and video games. Proud believer that crypto is the future.
Jun 2021
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