Muse on Death One is afraid of death because one fears that time will continue without us. But time requires thought and death brings the end of thought, so time comes to an end. No worries. Time will not continue without us. We’ll both go together. Birth and death are witnessed by others. For us, just a second hand story. From my own experience, I was not born. The world just appeared one day and one day presumably, it will disappear. For those watching it will be the death of me. For me it will be the end of the world. -purushottama This post is from a collection of essays, stories, insights and poems that have occurred to me along the Way titled Here to Now and Behind.
"Hence, in the East we have never started meditation from relaxation; we have started meditation from awareness. Then relaxation comes on its own accord, you don’t have to bring it. If you have to bring it there will be a certain tension. It should come on its own; then only will it be pure relaxation."
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