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Love animals.. nature.. laughing... and sarcasm. If u like the shit i post subscribe so u can see all the new shit I put up every day if u dont like it just move along then and have a great day.

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SCNR by Subverse, Inc.

馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A guide to understand the principles of woodland stewardship ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Website:-https://woodlandmanagementaguide.blogspot.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ In case you'd like to support the channel Make a Donation:- Bitcoin (BTC) 1dJdMDR869KueAcHqVfyh6Ptmq9D3TPhG Litecoin (LTC) LcPBRsM3jCm83zzNN7kA4XWWfmxrHSwegv Ethereum (ETH) 0xCee89feE9B9Ae20866539AAb4c02869De86fefd7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #Science #Woodlands #WoodlandManagement #Conservation #Nature #Trees #Coppice #Coppicing #Ecology #Environment #Habitat #Leaves #Countryside #Guide MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE 馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄馃尶馃崄

i'm John. 鈾 The cat is Loops 鈾 (look at her pretty pink nose) Hidey is a cat too. She's shy. 馃挌 i post links to videos which interest me. They don't necessarily reflect my views. 馃嚞馃嚙 馃憗鈥 馃憗鈥 猸愨櫋鈽咅煒滒煠煒濃槅鈾♀瓙 馃 鈽解槷鈽攫煂涴煂濔煂 馃鈥嶁檪锔 馃崉 鈽o笍 馃憤 鉁 鉁岋笍馃挜 馃憣馃徎馃馃暞锔忦煍煄别煈 馃帶 馃幑 馃帹 馃浉馃殌鈽狅笍馃弲馃帠锔忦煄煃筐煄煈戰煉 馃悰馃馃導馃尒馃對馃尀鈽锔忦煓 馃檳 馃檴 啷愷煉曗潳锔忦煉栶煉楌煉烉煂葛煠○煒 馃樃 馃惐 馃悎 馃グ馃檪馃槂馃ぃ馃槀馃槑馃槈馃槝馃馃き馃槤馃槻馃コ馃槆馃槉馃え 馃檪 馃樅 馃檹 鉁 鈿栵笍 馃實 馃晩 鈽笍 鉁濓笍 鈽笍 鈾堬笍 鈾夛笍 鈾婏笍 鈾嬶笍 鈾岋笍 鈾嶏笍 鈾庯笍 鈾忥笍 鈾愶笍 鈾戯笍 鈾掞笍 鈾擄笍 馃挕 鈾 If you don't like what i post don't look at what i post, but don't tell me WHAT to post. Thanks. #MindsMagick

Scott Cunningham
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Hey there, I'm Scott. On Crypto & Things, I explore blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, censorship, and privacy. Overall though, my main focus is on blockchain social media platforms which I believe will be the next level of social communication. http://www.scottcbusiness.com/ - all my social channels and latest posts can be found here

Hello, my name is Andrzej, it's a pleasure to welcome you on my channel, on which I would like to share with you my hobbies such as woodworking, blacksmithing, gardning and homesteading. Before I returned to my homestead, I was an IT dude in one of Krakow's corporations. To me, sharing with You my moments on this channel is a fun, not a way to make a living. I invite You to watch and comment.

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