Mathematician, free speech enthusiast, exhibitionist, Russian.
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Industrial engineering, EDM, Muscle Cars, podcast editor, Husband, Father.

I like money, beautiful women, luxury cars, traveling and nice restaurants. :)

An otaku that happens to be from Detroit. 18+.

The Blackrock Beacon
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Building a network and reporting on news and culture from around the internet. Future projects: Live news coverage, Original topical content (news/politics & non-news/politics), Documentaries, Skits/short films. LIKE, REMIND, and, most importantly, COMMENT! Free Speech is the heart of democracy. So let's talk. Links Below. MERCH! https://brb-media.creator-spring.com OTHER PLATFORM LINKS: Odysee: https://odysee.com/@The.Blackrock.Beacon:8 Odysee REFERRAL: https://odysee.com/$/invite/@The.Blackrock.Beacon:8 BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/gFASMEf5VaRT/

SCAMDEMIC davidicke.com

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I’m a Gamer, veteran Anime Weeb, Hentai Connoisseur, Cosplayer, Pokémon GO addict, and collector of figures/collectibles. I usually just post my random thoughts, cringe, the shinies I get in GO, my political hot takes, and some of my Ws and Ls ( but mostly my Ls! ;-; )

Currently in the retconian, an all around equal opportunity offender doing things in silence.

Here I write the most uncensored thoughts. Usually, it is irony and sarcasm about the world where we are forced to live. You may think that I am espousing a conspiracy theory... Well, perhaps. Anyway, I can show with numbers and proofs that Euro was planned in 70x, like a global currency for the Pax Americana that hasn't been announced yet.

Mimi khan🙈
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Follow back I love nature + photography

Jan 2021
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