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When I started this company I was down to my last $200 in the bank account. I took half of my savings and invested into Hempworx. The other $100 I spent on advertisement. Here I am today working from home and enjoying a great line of products from MDC & making money! Please don't take mine or anyones word for it. Only way to find out is by trial, Follow the link below to get started if this page catches your eye Sign up below: Find me Social Media Sites Support My Patreon On my free time I like to keep myself informed on events world wide. I believe #news & #information are very important, for they are the tools used to seek the #truth I am a working man who loves his God Country Family I am so patriotic I only brush my teeth with Aquafresh because its Red, White & Blue!

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AUTHOR, ENTERTAINER, SCREENWRITER FREE SPEECH ZONE RACISM FREE ZONE Dear Friends, Having spent my entire life over the rainbow, I write... As to claims that I'm the only man in history to have secretly squatted in a functioning bank, I will for now leave that to the realm of speculation. #ExoticBooks #ExoticMovies

Blockchain has been changing the face of global finance but we are only just scratching the surface of its applications. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are a quiet revolution that you need to be ahead of to see where the future might take us.

Creating a positive future for all life through regenerative systems.

Feb 2019
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