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Pixel Bamboo Software is an Independent video games developer based in the UK. Developing and publishing games for Nintendo Switch
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I just wanted to play video games, and then, for no reason at all, I became a political dissident ----------------------------------------------------------- μολὼν λαβέ Service guarantees citizenship Memento mori -----------------------------------------------------------

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The official supervillain of Minds! Currently learning Korean so I can partner with North Korea and genetically engineer wolfgirls. ESL, pls pretend things I say make sense if they don’t lol Pureblood, factory worker, AI developer, game developer, character designer, worlds slowest artist, nature lover, communist hater, meme poster, anarcho-neofasctranslycanthromorphic titty enjoyer, and much much more. I am the all tricks pony. I especially like grid based first person dungeon crawlers and wolf girls. I especially hate nfts and technology, they should be banned Consider checking out my main site, http://eriko.one, you can learn more about my characters and upcoming virtual cosplay ventures aswell as find ways besides minds memberships to support me with! more bio stuff idk pretend it’s really long still and crashes the mobile app or something lol

25 Yr Software Engineer. Focused on programming languages, cloud and technology in general. Also a big fan of SpaceX.

Independent Video Games Developer @ Pixel Bamboo Software. Personal Linktree - https://linktr.ee/ReikoMortis : Business Linktree - https://linktr.ee/PixelBambooSoftware

Rabid Savage
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I mostly talk about video games and plan on making videos soon. I welcome discussion of all ideas. Remember, you can't always wait for games to find you. I've found so many games that I love when I started looking, but it's still not always easy. Which is why it's extremely important to promote what you love, so that others with shared interests can find it too, allowing it to grow.

Hated that old shithole. I just want to be able to follow things I enjoy. Hoping in vain the fumoposters followed us here. Official Unofficial Ambassador for Tomboy Thursday. Any art or fumos I post aint mine.

Play Casket
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A new podcast of a goblin, locked in a mausoleum, with a ghost talking games.

That emo retard from Twitter who trolled the woke fags. Discord: Emo_weeb#2300 Gab: Emo_weeb

Do you know Oyashiro-Sama? Mcpoppin Battle Gorilla Shark Approved Buggy Respecter Ryoko Lover Mike Lindell Loyalist. Part of the 6 million killed by CEO Jack. https://poa.st/@DetectiveK

Hi, I am a blogger at https://softappworld.com/, It is blog which helps people with their tech related problems. Here you can find easy solutions for PC problems and amazing software and apps.

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Aug 2020
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