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I am an anarchist, voluntaryist, libertarian, propertarian, consentualist, agorist, abolitionist. Lots of different terms that all ultimately mean the same thing. The initiation of force, threat of force, or fraud used against the life, liberty, or property of another is always wrong. These are my Minds communities: Libertarian Tabletop Anarchy Neo-Buddhism

Named "The Final Boss of Internet Shitlords". Helped make #dnd5e Designer of Lion & Dragon, Arrows of Indra & other #ttrpg Writes RPGs/Politics/Occult Real-Life Wizard

I am a digital artist who is also a closet centrist. Although my stance is only likely to effect my passion projects, I still feel like PC culture forbids even that much. I firmly believe there is a difference between genuine prejudice and making a dynamic character and PC culture deems them to be the same, reducing opportunities into regressive and offensive purse puppy characters. PC culture is stifling freedom of speech and freedom of expression this way and I'm not going to let that happen to me. Then again, maybe my anxieties of being called a monster for being a pansexual making an asexual character isn't that big of a deal—people like my furries and animal art best after all :D. #art #artist #digitalart #digitalpainting

Reptilian-style. Christian topics. BPD. Skywatching. Satellite screenshots.

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Mustafa Katipoğlu
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I am a computer engineer. I like to design and program software. I work on File Systems, Operating Systems and also Recommendation Systems in my free times as well as working on my latest software project 'Simahzen'. I also love to read software books and share the quotes that I find useful here in minds groups.

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