COVID-19 IS A SCAM. David Icke .com

I am Alex Jungle with 48000 Parler followers and the creator of Patriot Party Lets create something great. My site: Where to support my work, including donations to support all the great new ideas, Aulterra 100% american small business: My photos:

I am because God is 💕 … By the way, I follow back 😎 In the SAME spirit of Transgenderism in the LGBT Community, I identify as a Trans-Vaccinated and Trans-Mask. I may not be biologically/ physically vaccinated, but mentally, I identify as one 😎😎😎 Respect my Trans-Vaxxness you bigot!

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Former gamer, alcohol and pornography addict to Healer. You can do it to! I can help people of all ages who may be suffering with these perceived “illnesses”.

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Passionate about God, Loves music, crypto lover and dream chaser ❤️💪 Am that marriage talker😋

*WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL* ✅ You can always follow me for posts on various happenings such as memes and comics. • I make posts on memes and comics because i want to make my followers experience some level of fun and laughter following my posts • Secondly i always follow back when a new follower follows my channel so we can both have fun on the minds community. So nice having you as my subscriber. • I'm also a game lover, games such as Free fire, PUBG and the likes. So i might also be posting about games sometimes. Thanks and do have a great time on my channel.

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I enjoy sharing RANDOM photos and I DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP of the contents I post. Before anything else, pls SUBSCRIBE to my channel 🔗✔️✔️. I'll subscribe to you too. Don't forget to REMIND 😉🌟❤️

Jul 2021
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