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Peter Falkenberg Brown is a #Conservative #ProIsrael Speaker & Writer studying the #Mystical path. Visit his website at
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It's all about Love my friends and Love, after all, is the devil of the devil. I encourage everyone to explore the Love in their lives and discover it's true meaning...or disguise. @music

MAGAtard - White Nationalist Chimp - Unapologetic Christian - Lover of Life - Marxism is cancer. I believe that Civil War 2.0 is coming to restore our Republic sooner rather than later. Communists need to be killed. Jew faggotry has ruined America. Hitler made Germany Great Again. Awesome list - @Arkos @Willieleev1971 @AdamBaums @Jay20Games @BayouMedic @bobdub @Milica42 @TheStrike @entryrqrd @Buffie @naturegirl @TwiinScorpio @Galzu19 @Coma5 @AmericanPie @artcarnage @PapaTroll @0SumGm @Kitch23 @Feltern @Victor_von_doom_Jr @VxTRIPWIRExV @SOI1nus @delastman @Southerndream @No1fsnobuts @lauralcorvino @baal2323 @Lioncrazy @Hideki4 @Chuckdaclock @Jihadcountermeasures @minura @Icolias @icliks @DevilDawg @kickingbadger7 @TruthWhisper @Talon123 @ChemTrailsMN @ConserveTruth @jhafari @Censorshipsucks @kekistanian @PauseofFury @LilyEdelweiss @MontanaMama @Tors_Hammer @myincal @Jim270 @Libtarded @yorizzo @Kat1988000 @iBrainGood @SIRHUEWHITE @Phynster @TheUnderAchiever68 @gnugaz @JenaGoddess @VirtualUniverse @ShabbosShekels @MOL3CH @ArtistPro @Ophelia_Cox @Megadrive @DarthYucko @DefiantAmerica @Phaedrus @RebelRadio @Kbay @JonW116 @PeterTaboni @JokerSATX @ckkroeker @Netjr @captainclusterfuck @ErwinBlackthorn @svetlana11savinkov @jcity @Sinistre @jahmind @The_Mongoose @TheGypsyThread @yotivationnation @mindsync1111 @Claymore316 @Oldmanrant @TeaFlavoredHarborWater @imawesome1260 @JCDenton @GGeronimo @plrh8r2020 @Traci_lin @tripletwister @MuhPoliticz @MissLiberty86 @MuhSocialJustice @Turnerb @JimKalles @legofreak446 @stackmagic @IncognitoFX @blueeyeddevil @kalnwi @PhilLB @robertimay @StormFeather @MarkSunnyfield @KnoxieDavis @DespicableMemes @Abbie4191 Awesome group list - Meme Supreme ShitlordsOrg/Platinum ALL Rush ALL The Time MAGA MEMES

I'm a Christian conservative. A Wife, Mother grand mother I love God, my family, dogs and country.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 I ask God to continually Bless Israel, and America. Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." If you're a Patriot, and love America, then please share my post's and help educate the Left-Progressives, and Socialist on Mind's, and other platforms. God Bless America, and let's continue to MAGA. MAKE AMERICA GODLY AGAIN.

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French Royal descendant via Valois-Angouleme Branch; 13th gg son of King Charles IX of France back to Hugh Capet, Descendant of the De'Medicis via 14 gg Queen of France Catherine Medici. 31st gg son of Rollo the Viking. 9TH gg son of Father of Swedish industry Louis De Geer. Descendant of King James II of Scotland via Duke James 1st Duke of Hamilton, decendant of Robert the Bruce, Descendant of Counts of Waldenburg Germany back to Louis IV of France to Charlemagne. Descendant of Saxon kings of Wessex via Edward the Elder back to Odin. Early American immigrant roots; first settlers in America has me as cousin's with many historic Patriotic American figures. My 5th gg Gasper Potterf stood guard at surrender of Cornwallis. 1776 world wide. Proud Canadian and PPC founding member. The world has went into hyper cancel culture mode and its doing far more harm than good. As we stand by and watch bad turned into good and good turned into bad we realize how upside down the world has become. When literally Captin America is used as a tool for propaganda. We are afraid to stand up now and be deemed a white supremacist or some sort of terrorist while the people who are supposed to protect us stand by and do nothing collecting a pay check..Better yet they will come after innocent families and god hearted Samaritans for just trying to feed their families in the name of public safety. How insane is 2021? its only going to get worse as technology catches up to us and we wont be able to stop the destruction it brings while the few elite masterminds sit back and pick us all off one by one from their iron throwns. Its too late i fear the end is near. all we could wish for is a miracle from the hevans above to save us from the pure evil we face. Anti-Globalist. Anti-Illegal immigration. Anti-antifa scum. Anti-MSM. Anti-Satan. Anti-authoritarian . Pro-Libertarian. Pro-TRUMP. Pro-Christian. Pro-Nationalist for any race, religion or country that adheres to humane equality and loves their countries freedom.

Maine, USA
Aug 2018
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