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Peter Falkenberg Brown is a #Conservative #ProIsrael Speaker & Writer studying the #Mystical path. Visit the "Love, Freedom, & the World" Video Channel below:
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I've just posted an updated version of an essay called "The Power of Eternal Goals," which deals with goal setting that includes one's life in the spirit world. That essay contains links to two other pieces I wrote; one a short story about a monk's search for meaning and the other about a practice I call "Divine Writing Communion." Here's a snippet from the essay, followed by the link. "At the age of fifty-two, in 2007, when I wrote the original version of this essay, I realized that I had to expand my external goals to include my life in the spirit world. I should have realized this much earlier in life, but for many years I had separated my goals. My “external” career goals went only as far as the end of my life in the physical world. My goals for the spirit world were limited to “internal” goals, such as loving God and loving people. I now feel that this is too limiting. In my opinion, we won’t stop working in the afterlife. We’ll want to do something."
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