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I hope you find my blogs helpful! See also the group I founded, "Reinventing Communism", at I: * love truth, justice, peace and freedom. * oppose war, terror and regime change. * reject the one-dimensional Left/Center/Right universe. * put humanity above ethnicity, openness above ideology, and people above profits. * value constructive dialogue and seek out common ground. I oppose the class-divided society that develops under capitalism -- where the decisions are made by the top 1% and the consequences borne by the bottom 99%. I believe in a class-free society where the rulers and the ruled are one and the same, a society where accountability exists, a society where no one group has a stranglehold on the means of production. In short, I believe in free-market communism and I want Americans to have an opportunity to see the truth about a part of the world we have been programmed to demonize.

Nov 2021
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