I have a passion for design and to illustrate imaging. Thanks for being here. I am straight forward

a decentralized art collective ⚘

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Hello, I am Kelle and I am from Southfield USA. I live my life very happily by god grace. I am working as a lighting technician. I am very experienced about life, I want to learn also about astrology.

hi my account i will share photos of animals on new social media i hope you like it and subscribe

New Zealand Activism Amplification. Currently involved with the Campaign to FREE JULIAN ASSANGE from unfair political bias and tyranny. #FreeAssange Will Boost any positive activism post for Free or the minimum if offered We also love our memes and culture and will remind any such content to support the community Twitter:

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Find out about famous people's nationality, net worth, faith, tattoos, languages spoken, social accounts, family tree and much more.

Feb 2020
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