Paul Kuo

Journalist and aspiring horror creator. I wish you all peace and happiness.
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trump gal posting her favorite pro trump content
the dude that loves technology, anime, gaming, umm what else do guys like, cool things.
Interested in art, science, spirit, and truth. I like to read articles and I'm interested in uncensored journalism. Also, I like mystical things - symbolism, hidden meanings, and the vast undiscovered void. A psychologist and content creator. I've been working as a freelancer lately - I write scripts and e-books, offer counselling and guidance, and I also do photo editing, design, music production, and voice acting. If you need anything, you can message me. In my free time I like to draw, do collages, watch movies, write poetry, make music, get lost in fantasies, and I love to read (books, comics, anything mysterious, like secrets or riddles). Oh, and memes - memes are forever.
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Apr 2019
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