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The Solution by Mark Passio

ParaMagicJul 15, 2021, 2:27:16 PM

What Is Consciousness?

Most people, when asked what Consciousness is, will reply that it is the state of being awake. That is most certainly true, for that it is. But when people reply with this answer, they are almost always talking about the state of being physically awake. This is not the kind of Consciousness we're talking about here. For one could be physically awake and still be largely or totally unconscious in their overall awareness. 

If we consult a standard dictionary of encyclopedia, we find that Consciousness is commonly defined as "the characteristics of a being generally regarded to comprise qualities such as subjectivity, self-awareness, sentience, sapience, and the ability to perceive the relationship between oneself and one's environment."

Subjectivity means one's own perceptions of one's existence. Self-awareness means that one is able to ponder and comprehend the fact that one is actually aware of one's own characteristics and perception - being aware that you are aware, so to speak. Sentience is the capability of having perceptions and feelings. Sapience is discernment or wisdom - the ability to know that some things are more desirable than others if a particular condition or outcome is preferred.

This definition of Consciousness does an overall good job of accurately describing the condition. But we could express the basic definition of what Consciousness actually is in a more concise and simplistic way. Keeping in mind and building upon the popular dictionary definition, one could say that at its essence, Consciousness is the ability of a being to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place, both within oneself and in the external realm in which the self exists and operates.

This ability is the fundamental driving force of all Creation. It could be said that all of Creation itself IS Consciousness in various forms and states of awareness. Consciousness is required for matter to exist. Consciousness creates the observable effects we perceive in our world. Everything that exists in the seemingly "external" domain first exists as a construct in Consciousness before becoming manifested through form.

Consciousness, or the lack thereof, is the agency responsible for the conditions in which we find ourselves, in all times and all places. It is responsible for the current conditions of Earth and all the people and animals living upon this planet. Almost anyone who is asked the question "Do you think that things are perfect just the way they are going on this planet?" will respond "No" and say that they think that things could, and should, be much better compared to the way things currently are. Yet, while most are aware that something is not quite right with what is going on here, few people can cut to the core of the problem and recognize it for what it is that causes all the suffering and negativity human beings seem to perpetually experience on Earth.

The root of all the problems we experience, indeed of all the problems humanity has ever experienced, lies in the Consciousness of the individual human beings alive on this planet at any given time. Our apparent inability to alleviate our suffering, brought about by the manifestation of these problems, is always caused by one thing: an imbalance in Consciousness which leads to a diminution in conscious awareness. The less Consciousness we have, the less we recognize the patterns of behavior and event which lead to suffering. When we work to increase our Consciousness, we develop more of the ability to recognize patterns which lead to negative results, and we therefore become more capable of avoiding negative outcomes and creating positive results and conditions.

The purpose of our collective existence is to steadily increase our conscious awareness until we can master our ability to develop sapience, the ability to make correct conscious choices, utilizing proper discernment, to bring about positive effects, conditions, and relationships in our world. This process is the goal of the spiritual journey and the manifestation of the Will of Creation. It is the Evolution of Consciousness.

At the current time in which we live, humanity has arrived at a critical point in this evolutionary journey. Human beings simultaneously possess (perhaps for the first time in our existence, to this degree) the ability to create a veritable paradise on Earth - in which the suffering of the beings of this world could be virtually eliminated once and for all - and the ability to destroy not only all human life, but the lives of every living thing on the entire planet. One situation is miraculously promising, the other incredibly horrific. The fact that they both exist in simultaneous juxtaposition with each other certainly makes the time in which we are living quite interesting and exciting.

While these two potentialities are competing with each other, so in fact is the increase and decrease in human Consciousness. We are seeing Consciousness growing with amazing acceleration and in greater numbers of human beings than at, perhaps, any other time in history. Side-by-side with this process, we are also seeing the Consciousness or more people hijacked, shut down, and quite possibly destroyed by the forces of Fear and Evil than at any other time in history as well.

What is required to transcend the conditions of suffering in which we currently find ourselves is an increase and acceleration of this process of conscious awareness on the level of the individual, and then on a global level. This global awakening will only take place once enough individuals have made enough conscious change within themselves in order for these energies to spill over into the collective Consciousness of humanity, upon which time this change will accelerate even faster and become habituated.

While it is true that we are going through a dark period before this light of awareness emerges in its full presence, I prefer to see the situation as hopeful rather than bleak. More and more people are becoming Conscious, Aware, and AWAKE. The change in Consciousness, this paradigm shift, IS happening, and nothing can hold it back, for it is our birthright.

When we emerge out of this evolutionary cocoon, our metamorphosis will be complete, and we will awaken to a new day and a new world. The end of the journey will join with a new beginning to complete the circle. And we will truly know ourselves for the first time.

Yin & Yang Energies

A mystical concept derived from Taoism that is extremely relevant in a study of the working of human Consciousness is the idea of the Tao, a balance of polar energies inherent in all Nature. Taoist tradition teaches that if we are able to strike a balance between these polar forces, and harmonize these two competing polarities within ourselves, justice and order will result within and around us. Falling prey to a perpetual imbalance of these energies would result in the experience of suffering and chaotic conditions. This makes perfect sense when we understand the properties of these polar energies.

To do this, let's begin by analyzing the basic symbolism of the Tao symbol. It is comprised of a circle, inside of which are two inter-locking swirls, one light and one dark. Inside each swirl is a smaller dot which is the opposite color of the swirl itself. The circle represents all of Creation. A circle is never-ending. It has no beginning or end. It is a perfect shape, as it has no corners, rough edges, angle, or irregularities. Thus it represents God, or Creation itself, the All-That-Is.

The two swirls represent change, of which all Creation is comprised. All that exists is in a constant state of change. All matter passes from form to form in an endless dance of Creation. Life itself is change. Inability to change is the equivalent of death and non-existence. Therefore the two swirls inside the circle represent this ever-changing dance of matter taking place within the whole of Creation. The two dots within each swirl represents the idea that, no matter how deeply into one polarity or the other we may travel, the seed of the opposite energy is always carried within each polarity.

Let's now examine the expressions of the polar energies that comprise the Tao. The light area is called Yang. It represents the following general qualities: Light, Solar, Day, Masculine, Active, Analytical, Dominant, Aggressive, Left-Brain, and Right-Body. The dark area is Yin, which represents the expression of the following qualities: Dark, Lunar, Night, Feminine, Passive, Intuitive, Submissive, Right-Brain, and Left-Body.

A human being's Consciousness is comprised of all of these energies, as is the Cosmos. This is why it may be said that we are created in the image and likeness of God. Neither of these sets of opposing energies should be seen as being all good or all bad. Our Consciousness contains all of them. A balanced and fully-functional Consciousness will contain all of these qualities in balanced proportions. This balance is the essence of the key to mental and physical health, and the ability to think critically and make decisions that will result in prosperity for the individual and society as a whole. When these energies are thrown out of balance, and one begins to severely dominate the other, suffering and chaos are the result.

One of the oldest symbol sets in human antiquity contains many parallels to the concept of the Tao. Known as the Blade and the Chalice, these two symbols also represent the competing masculine and feminine polar energies. The Blade was depicted as an upward-pointing triangle. This served as a rudimentary phallic symbol, representing the solar, masculine, Yang energy. The Chalice was a downward-pointing triangle which represents the feminine womb, calling to mind the qualities of the lunar, feminine, Yin energy.

When these energies are combined in a balanced proportion, a third symbol was used to represent their harmonization. It is the Blade and the Chalice interlocked in the form of a six-pointed star. This symbol later became known as the Seal of Solomon in Judaic, Islamic, Christian and Alchemical mystic traditions. The seal represents the combining and harmonizing of the sacred masculine, or Solar energies with the sacred feminineLunar energies (hence the term "Solomon" - Sun and Moon), to create the "blazing star" of awakened Consciousness. It is only possible for us to exist in balance with our natural environment (which is made of these energies) when these two divine energies are working in unison within ourselves.

This concept of balancing the energies within our Consciousness, so that we harmonize ourselves with the divine proportions of these energies found in Nature, is called the Hermetic Principle. Named after the Greek god Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, this idea has also been expressed by the adage "As Above, So Below; as Within, So Without." This conveys that that which takes place within our consciousness is reflected without to our perceptual surroundings. If our consciousness exists in balance and harmony, our external conditions will reflect this internal harmony and order. Consciousness thrown out of balance will create chaos and disorder in our external reality.

One can appreciate the simplicity and beauty through which our ancestors depicted these concepts through symbolism. In undertaking the study of this symbolism itself, we begin the task of uniting these opposing polarities within ourselves. Grasping the true meaning of these symbols assists us in this task - a task which is one and the same as our journey of spiritual development and Evolution in Consciousness.

The Threefold Nature of Consciousness

As human beings, we express our Consciousness in three distinct ways. This threefold nature of Consciousness has been referred to in various ways in many spiritual, mystical, and religious traditions throughout time. Some have explained it as Body-Mind-Spirit, while in other circles it has been called the Law of Three. Many traditions have described this aspect of Consciousness as the Holy Trinity - the Divine Father, the Divine Mother, and the Divine Child - symbolic descriptions for the manifestation of three vehicles of expression within one being.

The first way we express our Consciousness is through our Thoughts. In relation to the concept of the Divine Trinity, thoughts could be seen as the Creator God, God the "Father", as it has been termed in Christian traditions. Our thoughts precede all other ways in which our Consciousness manifests, either internally or externally. Everything that comes into manifestation in our external experience first existed at some point in time as a thought in Consciousness. Thoughts in and of themselves are purely non-physical and are not manifested as form in the material realm. They travel as electrical impulses in the synapses of the brain, and they do not arise from any pre-existing material things. Thoughts equate with the Mind in the Body-Mind-Spirit model of Consciousness. After arising within the Mind, our thoughts take on the role of Creator in our observed reality, as they do indeed create that which manifests within us and around us.



Emotions are the second expression of our Consciousness. They could be described as the internal manifestation of the reaction to our thoughts. As an internal expression that is felt within ourselves, emotions relate to the feminine principle of the Tao, the Yin polarity. In the Holy Trinity model, emotions are the Divine Mother, the Sacred Feminine of the Divine Family. In the Body-Mind-Spirit model, emotions are the Spirit, the felt presence of our experiences, which act as a balancing mechanism between our thoughts and our actions. Emotions are felt internally within our bodies through the creation of chemical transmitters produced by our brain and nervous system. This occurs after we have an initial thought about the concept or situation at hand. It is then internalized and felt with the body through the emotions.

It is interesting to note that in the Western Christian tradition, this feminine principle of our Consciousness has been removed from the Trinity and relegated to the genderless Holy "Ghost" or Holy "Spirit," connotatively suggesting that it is deceased, or at the very least, no longer in manifested presence. It has become a "ghost." The recognition of this "downgrading" of the Sacred Feminine aspect of emotion is important to keep in mind while reading further, as we will continue to see this concept symbolically repeated in significance ways in later sections.

The third aspect of the Trinity of Consciousness is our actions. Through our actions, we express our Consciousness in the external material realm in which we exist. Actions could be seen as the Divine Child of the Trinity, as they are the "offspring" of our thoughts and emotions. Actions are naturally equated with the active, masculine principle, the Yang energy of the Tao. To one degree or another, actions, as physical expressions, are carried out with our body. As such, actions are the Body component of the Body-Mind-Spirit model. In the Christian model, actions are the "Son" of God, the product of God the "Father," our thoughts, and the Divine "Mother," our emotions.

The most important thing to keep in mind about this threefold nature of our Consciousness is that it requires unification in order to us to function optimally and experience happiness in our lives. This means is that if these aspects of our Consciousness become imbalanced, they can soon become completely fractured and we will then experience this "tearing apart" of Consciousness through suffering in our lives. This occurs when our thoughts emotions and actions are in contradiction with each other. For example, while we may think and feel a particular way about some aspect of our lives, we may still be persuaded, for whatever reason, to take action that is in disagreement with our thoughts and emotions. This betrayal that takes place within ourselves is called Opposition, for when one component of our Consciousness betrays another, we are in Opposition with ourselves.

The state of balance or harmony between the three aspects of our Consciousness occurs when we have unified our thoughts, emotions, and actions. As we think, so we feel, and so we act. There is no contradiction between the three expressions of our Consciousness. When we live our lives in this mode, suffering begins to diminish and we are imbued with powerful creative and healing energies. This state is the inverse of the state of Opposition. We are no longer in a state of internal betrayal, and therefore this balance is reflected in the external conditions we experience.

The highest form of this state of balanced Consciousness is called Non-Duality, for the three aspects of our Consciousness have become united as one, and are no longer in Opposition with each other. This state of Consciousness has been called by other names such as Buddha ConsciousnessChrist ConsciousnessEnlightenmentAnointingFull Awakening, and many others. Whatever one may call it, it essentially means the same thing - the uniting of yourself, so that your thoughts, emotions and actions do not betray each other. Through the process of uniting the threefold aspect of our Consciousness within ourselves, we pass from Opposition to Non-Duality, and we become one.

The Triune Brain

A basic understanding of the structure of the human brain is necessary, if one truly wishes to understand both the basic dynamics of Consciousness, and the situation in which humanity currently finds itself. The brain is generally recognized as the seat of Consciousness in the body. While I would never claim that Consciousness is limited to the brain, the brain is certainly the organ through which we most directly connect to Consciousness on the physical level.

As we've seen previously, our Consciousness - our means of expression while in physical form - has a threefold natureThoughtsEmotions, and Actions. Just as our Consciousness itself, has a three-in-one nature, so, in fact, does the human brain.

The idea of a threefold brain was proposed in the modern era by American neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean, who correlated human behavioral manifestations with the physiological structures inherent in the brain. His research led to the formulation of a concept now known as the Triune Brain. The Triune Brain model shows that what we generally think of as the human brain is actually three complexes, or three smaller brains that work together as one in order to provide the functions necessary for human survival and expression.

The first of these complexes is the oldest in terms of its evolutionary development. It is the deepest section of the brain, located underneath the larger brain mass. Known as the R-Complex, this part of the brain is comprised of the brain stem and the cerebellum. The R stands for Reptile. This section of the brain has been nicknamed the Reptile Brain due to the fact that the behavioral traits for which it is responsible are most often observed in and associated with reptiles. These include pure survival instinct, direct stimulus-response, fight-or-flight response, competition, aggression, domination, repetition, ritual, and the desire to hoard resources

These traits are the "base" functions of Consciousness. They are less-than-human, essentially animalistic thoughts and behaviors, which comprise the "lowest" states of awareness and being. It is interesting to note that, physiologically, this complex lies at the "base", or "lowest" part of the brain. Equating the R-Complex to the Holy Trinity model of Consciousness, it would be the punitive, controlling "Father" god described in the Old Testament. As the "Father," or oldest and least advanced part of the brain, the R-Complex is responsible for the male-dominator, animalistic, instinctual, base behavior which many human beings exhibit and experience.

The second complex of the Triune Brain is the Limbic System. It is also called the Mammal Brain because it appears to have developed significantly later in biological evolution that the reptilian R-Complex. It sits on top of the R-Complex, just above the brain stem and cerebellum. Comprised of the hippocampus, the hypothalamus, and the amygdala, the function of Limbic System is to generate and regulate the flow of chemicals and chemical interactions that create our emotionsEmotions are a common mammal trait that is generally lacking in reptiles and lower animals. Reptiles feel pain and undergo basic stimulus-response, but they do not display emotional reactions such as joy, sadness, empathy, etc. The Limbic System acts as a buffer between our thoughts and actions, for it is our emotions which generate feelings within our physiology that make us aware of the impact our actions have upon others.

Emotional traits are of a higher order of Consciousness than the base, reptilian traits displayed through the R-Complex. Without the Limbic System, we would have no capability to experience feelings or empathy for others, and we would be incapable of reeling in damaging and destructive tendencies and actions, whether they are directed toward ourselves or others. In its capacity as a buffer, or balancing agent between thought and action, the Limbic System could be seen as the Sacred Feminine, the Spirit, or the divine "Mother" aspect of Consciousness.

The third and most significant section of the Triune Brian is known as the Neo-cortex. The root "neo" means "new." Also called the Cerebral Cortex, the Neo-cortex is the most recently developed part of the brain in terms of biological evolution. It is the most advanced and ramified (memory-containing) area of the human brain. Physiologically, it sits above both the Limbic System and the R-Complex, and it accounts for the largest area and mass of the whole brain. The Neo-cortex is also called the Human Brain, for it is a structure unique to human beings.

The Neo-cortex is the complex which creates the electrical and chemical interactions that make our higher-order thinking possible. Without the Neo-cortex, we would be incapable of logic, reason, art, music, science, creativity, language, and a host of other skills and traits which are the defining characteristics of being Human. The Neo-cortex provides us with the ability to engage in thought functions that individuate us from the animal kingdom. Using these features as a frame of reference, we could now equate the Neo-cortex to the divine "Child" of the Trinity. It is the "new," or "young" part of the brain, the symbolic "Child," or "Son" of the R-Complex and Limbic System. Since the Neo-cortex makes possible our "highest" forms of thought and expression, it is also interesting to note that it is also the "highest" part of the brain in physical position.

When it is working properly, the Neo-cortex is designed to function as the executive control center of the brain. Some scientists have referred to the Neo-cortex as the CEO of the brain complex, as its proper functioning serves to regulate the activities taking place in both the R-Complex and Limbic System. To understand how these command-and-control functions of the Neo-cortex work, we must examine the structure of the Neo-cortex itself.

The Neo-cortex is structurally divided into two halves which form the left and right brain hemispheres. The left brain hemisphere is responsible for our capability to engage in analytical thought, verbal and written communication, logic, reason, mathematics, and science. The right brain hemisphere makes different types of activities and traits possible, such as intuition, empathy, creative expression, art, music, and holistic thought. Just as we have seen earlier in the Yin and Yang model of Consciousness, these sets of traits are neither all good nor all bad. A balanced person should contain a well-rounded mix of all of these aspects of Consciousness.

If, by whatever means, a person's Neo-cortex may become significantly imbalanced toward one brain hemisphere or the other, the Neo-cortex, as a whole complex, will cease to function as the executive control center of the brain. This means that it will stop regulating the processes that take place in both the R-Complex and the Limbic System. Upon having reached this state of brain dysfunction, the executive control functions of the brain will them be downgraded, and turned over to either the R-Complex or the Limbic System, depending on the nature of the original imbalance.

If the nature of brain imbalance favors the left brain hemisphere, the Neo-cortex gives up its regulatory functions, the Limbic System ceases to provide emotional balance between thought and action, and the R-Complex begins to dominate the whole brain system. This type of imbalance then results in a being who operates out of Reptilian Consciousness and desires to dominate and control everyone around them. A being suffering from this type of brain dysfunction would exhibit behavioral traits such as domination, obsession, greed, hoarding, incessant desire to control, compulsive tendencies, total lack of concern for others, aggression, sadism, and unprovoked violence. It is easy to recognize this type of brain dysfunction in our modern social climate, for this type of dominator imbalance is nearly everywhere in our society.

The second type of brain imbalance, toward the right brain hemisphere, results in the executive control of the brain being shunted to the Limbic System. This results in a state of Victim Consciousness in which the person can no longer control what is taking place within themselves, and essentially become ruled by out-of-control emotions. The R-complex ceases to provide functions related to basic survival instinct and a different set of undesirable traits manifest themselves. These states include nervousness, paranoia, lack of self worth, submission, guilt, fear, masochism, depression, and even suicidal tendencies. We see that these types of personality traits are also overly-abundant in our society.

I will explain later how these type of imbalances are being influenced and encouraged by those who desire to suppress the collective Consciousness of humanity in order to promote and solidify their own ruthless self-gain and domination. I will also explore the methodologies they have developed to create the imbalance necessary to shut down the proper operation of the seat of Consciousness itself, the human brain. The leaders of our culture are, in fact, deliberately breeding these traits in people. Through the growing imbalance taking place between the two hemispheres of the brain, the people of Earth are being made into two types of polarized, imbalanced creatures: dominators and those willing to capitulate to domination - in other words, slave owners and slaves.

Once we start to become aware of this manipulation taking place, we can begin to work toward the healing of the hemispheres of our brain, and by extension, the healing of the aspects of our Consciousness. This healing will come about through the creation of balance. Only through achieving a balance between the two hemispheres of the human brain can we develop a state of higher awareness and Consciousness. The brain, as a microcosm within the body, is a reflection of the macrocosm of which all matter and energy of Creation is comprised. They both function the same way - through a balance between opposing polarities. The path to healthy brain function is one-and-the-same as the path to higher Consciousness.

Only that Path of Balance can lead us out of our collective state of imbalance, the force that creates Chaos and Suffering.

Traveling the Path of Balance creates OrderPeace, and ultimately, Freedom from suffering.

The Two Basic Polarities

There are only two forces at work in all of Creation. These two Polarities have always been continuously struggling against each other. One of these forces is the force which expands Consciousness and awakens parts of the Creation to the understanding and realization of itself. This could be seen as the Light force, for it attempts to make things known, bring them into the Light, and reveal the Truth. The other force is that which attempts to shut Consciousness down and keep the parts of the Creation in ignorance of itself. This could be seen as the Dark force, which attempts to shut out the Light of knowledge and to keep us in a state resembling sleep, in which we are unconscious to Truth.

At an even simpler level, we could look at these Polarities as feelings. We really only ever experience two basic feelings. One is a good feeling and one is a bad feeling. Every other possible state of emotion is simply a different expression of these two basic feelings. If we boil it down to its essence, there are really only two possible emotions, or forces of Polarity, that we are capable of experiencing.

This inherent duality that we experience in and around ourselves is not chance or accident. It is done by the design of Creation. Creation is OnenessNon-Duality. Think about it this way: if there is only one thing, how would that state of Oneness ever really be able to know itself unless it experienced that which it is not? There is no hot without cold, no light without dark, no good without evil, and so on. So Creation brought one of these Polarities into manifestation in order to know itself - through the process of understanding what it is not. This means that ultimately, one of the two Polarities is an illusion.

In his famous experiments with water, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that by placing water in the presence of the "good" Polarity for certain periods of time, then photographing the water molecules under high magnification, the molecules took on a beautiful, harmonious, and orderly arrangement. When he placed the very same water in the presence of the opposing Polarity, or "bad" emotion, the molecule structure broke down and became a chaotic, disorderly mess.

The first Polarity is the force that creates harmony and order, brings Light to the darkness, and expands Consciousness and awareness of the Self. It is the Polarity of LoveLove is the good Polarity or emotion, which uplifts humanity in its evolution toward knowledge, wisdom, and Truth. The expansion of Consciousness through Love leads to all the positive states, or "good" feelings, which we are capable of experiencing, including harmony, peace, health, safety, and order.

The second force is the Polarity which creates chaos and destruction in its wake. This Polarity is the force of FearFear is the essence of negative emotion which leads to all other expressions of negativity, or "bad" feelings, which we experience, including hatred, intolerance, insecurity, depression, and a host of others. Fear shuts down Consciousness and perpetually strives to stop the Light of Truth from reaching us and having an effect in our lives.

These two basic Polarities of the essence of all other feelings and experiences. In every moment, we are choosing the experience of either Love or Fear, through our own Free Will.

Each of these 

Polarities have an internal manifestation and an external manifestation. This means that each Polarity expresses itself within an individual's Consciousness in a certain way. Upon having reached this internal manifestation, each Polarity then reaches a stage of fulfillment in the external world of the individual.

Let's look at the internal manifestations first.

The internal manifestation of Love occurs when the essence of this Polarity has reached its full expression within an individual. This state of Consciousness could be referred to as Self-Love, or Balance. This individual has united his or her Self through Will and self-control. I refer to this expression of Love as Dominion, for the individual has obtained the state of ruler-ship of his or her own base instincts and is operating out of a healed and balanced mode of Consciousness. A being in a state of Dominion rules the Kingdom of the self. This type of ruler-ship is real, it is not an Illusion, for it has been created by an act of WillDominion is, therefore, true Self-Love.

The internal manifestation of the Polarity of Fear occurs when Fear has invaded the Consciousness of an individual. It then immediately begins to destroy that being's capacity to recognize patterns and formulate effective responses. This state of unconsciousness is known as ConfusionConfusion is the highest manifestation of Fear that occurs within an individual being. Confusion is the exact opposite state as Dominion, for when people become confused, they are owned by their own emotional turbulence and imbalance. They are not in Dominion, for they can never rule the Kingdom of self while in a state of Confusion. As such, Confusion is the beginning of the destruction of the Self.

Now let's examine the external 

manifestations of Love and Fear.

When Love, or in other words, expanded states of awareness resulting in Dominion, has achieved its fullest expression within a group of individuals, a condition results in the external world around them. This condition is the highest expression that Love attains in the external realm of the individual. This condition is FreedomFreedom is the highest attainment of the spiritual quest. The quest for Freedom and the quest for the Divine are one and the same. Any so-called spiritual ideology that does not speak of Freedom in this manner is a false spiritual teaching. LoveFreedom, and the Divine the same thing. Anyone that claims to be a spiritual teacher and doesn't speak to the Truth of that statement is either a charlatan or a liar, or both.

Since the Divine is the embodiment of perfect Love, it must also allow perfect Freedom. This is why there is no direct intercession on the behalf of the Divine in our world. The Will of the Divine for us is no different than our own Will for us. Whatever we wish to create is allowed by the Divine. That is perfect Freedom, and therefore, perfect Love.

The external manifestation of Fear comes into existences once Fear has created Confusion within the Consciousness of the individuals of a society. Individuals who exist in a vibration of Fear and Confusion cannot recognize patterns of information around them, for they are not operating from the higher thought functions of the Neo-cortex of the brain. This part of the brain is shut down, and these type of individuals operate in severely imbalanced states of Consciousness dictated largely by the R-Complex of the brain. Since they are deeply in Fear and greatly confused, they revert to attempting to control event and people around themselves. And thus the descent into Chaos begins. For Control is the highest expression of Fear manifested into external reality. Control is an illusion. It is not actually real, for no one is in fact in control of anything or anyone. Anyone who believes that they are in external control of anyone else are actually in very deep states of illusion. Since Control is based on Confusion and Fear, it leads to nothing but dark and negative emotions and experiences for all individuals who partake in this illusion.

This is simply how Natural Law works. Love (higher Consciousness) leads to Dominion (self-control), which in turn leads to Freedom, which produces more Love and more ConsciousnessFear (the shutdown of Consciousness) leads to Confusion (no pattern-recognition), which in turn leads to the desire to Control, which breeds more Fear and Confusion. Both Polarities build cycles upon themselves. One of the PolaritiesLove, is clearly very good for us. The other, Fear, creates nothing but destruction in its wake.



It is impossible to create the results of one of these Polarities by adding to it the essence of the opposite Polarity. For example, it is impossible to create Freedom, which is a result of the Polarity of Love, by adding Fear and Control to any situation or set of circumstances. Conversely, a society with Control as its foundation could never result in Freedom and Love. That is just how it works, and the people of this planet will either choose to understand this simple set of principles, or they will destroy themselves through their lack of understanding and ignorance of these principles. It is really that simple.

Our present situation is that our planet is currently trapped in repeating cycles of Fear, resulting in tremendous amounts of suffering, because the people of this world have been raging against Creation by refusing to learn the core lesson that Fear is an illusionFear was created so that the Creation could come to know itself for what it really is - pure Love.

Though most of us may still exist within this trap of Fear, our world is in the process of waking up from this illusion. And when the Consciousness of this world does fully awaken - and it Will - that will be the day Fear dies, and with it Confusion and Control will leave this world forever.

Direction: Our Guidance System

Direction is quite a simple concept. It simply refers to the concept of whether we are going toward or away from that which is true, and therefore that which is good for us in our lives. This dynamic applies to us individually and collectively. When we are headed in the right direction, our lives begin to flow without strife and opposition. When we are misguided, headed in the wrong direction to that which is good and true, we suffer. It really is that simple.

The way to determine our directional heading in life is equally simple. We only need to ask ourselves a couple basic questions and make a few basic observations. These are the following:

  • Individually and collectively, are we moving toward the expression of the Polarity of Love, (expanded Consciousness and Awareness) and therefore toward GoodnessOrder and Truth, or are we moving deeper into the expression of the Polarity of Fear (the contraction and shutdown of Consciousness), and therefore toward Evil and Chaos?
  • Based on our available knowledge of ourselves and the world in which we live, we must make an honest appraisal of where we stand as a whole. From where have we come? Where are we now? Where are we headed?
  • We must realize the significance of understanding our true origins. An accurate understanding of the past can greatly help us to orient our direction for the future.
  • Most important and significant of all, our very Compass for Direction, our moral compass, is our Emotions, the Sacred Feminine of the Triune aspect of the Self. We should never seek to numb out our Emotions, for they are the bridge between our Thoughts and our Actions, and as such they are a buffer between what we think about ourselves and others, and the subsequent behavior that we enact into the world. Quite simply, our emotions are the most important determining factor to the type of world we are creating. Our Emotions serve as our moral and Directional Compass in life. We are meant to feel our Emotions deeply, and integrate them into our experiences of daily living.

Keeping these factors in mind and answering the questions posed above with complete honesty is, in point of fact, the methodology we should employ in order to determine our Direction, as individuals and as a species.