Philosopher God will go to the deepest, darkest hole to find you, even if all who loved you forsake you. Look up. Amen. I am not a thought leader or enforcer. I am just a man and a citizen of a great country with a great history. Nothing I say should be construed to mean that I advocate for violent means to change society, I do NOT advocate violence. The violent have run out of words to justify their positions. I DO believe in self-defense when physically attacked. If you hate Jews, please don't expect my support. Don't assume that I am enamoured with Donald Trump. I am devoted to Truth and I search out the facts. At this point I am still supporting the president of the United States. I am against war, but I support our defense forces and law enforcement. You can find much wrong with me. Don't waste your breath or your time. My final filter is my own well informed mind and experience. Do you think I am an arrogant know-it-all? Message me and I can give you some names. Then you can start a club. The truth is that life has made a humble man of me. In the end I will answer to God alone. You can be witnesses at that trial. But my Advocate is an amazing attorney. He has put His life on the line for all His clients.
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