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Tips for Wooden Worktops

ourbestkitchenremodelssiteNov 5, 2018, 3:06:22 AM

Select a style which suits you. Select worktops to suit your kitchen and your personal preferences. Oak is and often will be a classic for wooden worktops. With its excellent grain pattern and warm texture, oak is compulsory for traditional farmhouse design kitchens. Thus make sure that whichever the design 0pf worktop you select will meet your needs in the kitchen as well as personal satisfaction.

Invest in quality. There are BBK Direct worktops to match your budgets, from full block style to full planked super stave, though it's worth remembering the old saying, the quality lasts long after the price is forgotten. What appears affordable at the time may well be a false economy. If taken care of well, good quality wooden worktops will last for some time, and may as well add value to your home in case you decide to sell it.

Preparation is vital. Wooden worktops need sealing before making use of them. The recommended treatment is worktop oil. This creates a waterproof barrier on your worktops. In case you are applying this personally, it is worth taking your time to do it keenly, and it is the only thing you may do for your worktops. Inappropriate treatment now will lead to issues a few months down the line, do it perfectly, and the lasting of your worktops will be guaranteed. Just check out this page to get more tips for wooden worktops.

A suitable fit. Before fitting wooden worktops make sure that any plastering which may have occurred is keenly dry and ensure the worktops has adequate oil all through. The moment you are fixing worktops to your kitchen units makes sure a perfect number of setting points, at least one on every corner. Make use of slotted expansion brackets to give room for small expansions and contractions with your wooden worktops.

Maintain your worktops. As a guide, re-oil your wooden worktops after every six months or so. Nevertheless, there is no specific time range which you need to re-oil, only do it when the worktops have started losing their luster. A perfect test to tell whether your worktops ate losing their water-resistant finish is the moment water stops beading on the surface.

Treat your worktops with respect. The wooden worktop is pretty hard, a hot mug, for instance, won't cause any damage at all; nevertheless, a little bit of care is required when it turns to chop and anything straight from the oven. Hot rods are alternatives when dealing with hot pans.

Gentle cleaning. A wooden worktop with an oiled finish is simple to clean.All you need is hot soapy water. Wipe dry with a tea towel or piece of cloth. Evade harsh abrasive cleaner or anything consisting of bleach. You can find more information here about worktops just click this website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recycled_glass_countertops.