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Welcome to the ☠️Totenkopf☠️ I am a fan of 3rd panzer Totenkopf act civilized and decent or you will be tossed.National Socialist and 3rd panzer History,memorabilia,propaganda,news,media, comics,memes and pin ups, grab a beer,pour a shot,smoke a cigarette and enjoy.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **No Homosexuals allowed whatsoever ** **Let me make it clear I am a religious extremist my faith is a combination of ancient faiths Medieval Christianity, Folkish Asatru,Hinduism and other ancient faiths. Homosexuals are not welcome, for those to stupid to understand what that is that's men that like men in a sexual manner as if they were women or any sexual manner same sex,if that is you, quit pretending to be us or trying to fit in with us or corrupt the Right and its pure Holy values,quit saying you're Traditional when you're not.You're a left wing not a Right wing. All ancient religions command they are to be put to death and thier blood be apon them. They are a poison and a corrupting cancer not to be tolerated, also in National Socialist Germany it was punishable by death. The SA was disbanded the fags got played by Hitler,the SS was not the SA, the SS didn't allow homosexuals in the SS, quit trying to be SS you're dishonoring them,this is a movement of religious extremists you do not belong in it if you're homosexual read history quit being stupid.**

オレは番号じゃない!オレは自由な男だ! 'Blogs: Otto is a Navakavada Buddhist: Navakavada Buddhism videos!!! Help @Pannobhasa_Bhikkhu in his sojourn East of Burma as he Makes Buddhism Great Again: He is a Howitzer of the Dhamma! オレは番号じゃない!オレは自由な男だ! May all sentient beings attain the summum bonum, true wisdom and perfect happiness, to be found in liberation from ignorance and delusion. Peace. ;-)

good to see ya! thanks, thanks! oh! hey! didn't see ya there! hey, maybe i'll see you in the, uh, 'newsfeed', - - otherwise, feel free to advertise your blogs or other groups or channels here wit' ourselves, anytime~

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Dec 2016
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