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Important things to Know about an Eye Doctor

optometristblog96Sep 7, 2018, 7:54:41 PM

It is crucial for you to visit a doctor when you realize that your eyes have a problem. It is crucial to know that when we talk about an eye doctor, we don't mean an optician. An optician is generally a technician whose primary work is to design and feed eyeglasses and frames. You should know that an optician cannot carry out any eye examination procedure. Their primary job is to fit in eyeglasses with the prescription of your eye doctor. The prescription from your eye doctor is a critical thing that helps them to know the kind of glasses that they are going to fit on your frames. Read more about Eye Doctor from here. Repair and provide glasses and frames but they cannot diagnose any eye problem that you may be having.

An ophthalmologist is the eye specialist who can carry out medical and surgical procedures and also can detect eye diseases. An ophthalmologist is expected to have a medical degree, and have more than three years of experience in ophthalmology. They should also make sure that they take medical education from time to time for them to remain updated on the latest forms of eye care. An ophthalmologist can prescribe glasses to correct the various vision problems. They can also treat and diagnose the various eye problems that may be related to diabetes hypertension and HIV. An ophthalmologist can also perform surgical procedures such as the removal of cataract, procedures that deal with squints and also eye injuries. They also know to perform plastic surgery that is related to the eye.

There are also the optometrists. Most optometrists take a four-year course to study of optometry. This is a study of testing various visual problems and prescribing lenses to correct them. The work of an optometrist is to check myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. Visit this website to get more details about Eye Doctor. An optometrist can prescribe and fit the eye lenses to correct different problems that a patient may be having. One of the critical things to know is that they also provide vision therapy and also can give their patients low vision aids. They can diagnose various eye problems like they conjunctivitis, glaucoma and cataracts. After the diagnosis of the various problems, they refer these cases to an ophthalmologist for treatment.

So in choosing an eye doctor make sure you consider these things for you to get the right person for your problem. This is because your eyesight is an essential aspect of your body and life. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_care_professional.