Shinobu On Patrol

Twitter gets boring so I made this account for lewds and Quality Khantent.

anime fan, streamer and gamer. lover of big anime titties and traps. owner of the Trap Souls Discord Server.

Anime Watcher, Gamer, Roleplayer, Transgender (m to f)

Understand that the shit you see on my channel isn't always sunshine and rainbows...with that.. keep your woke shit away from me.

Your Posts Are Inconsequential Compared to Mine. (I’m taking a break from social media. don’t worry about me. 👌)

Just a Lewd yet quiet boy. 18+ here, mostly memes and anime tiddies. RWBY Fan. And Autistic.

Just a guy that loves gaming, anime, manga & comics Age: 33 sometimes posts and/or shares NSFW 😏🔞 Also a big fan of Doom, Dr. Who & Destiny

just some dude who talks about whatever / anime and video game nerd / manga reader / sometimes 18+

17 Year Old Artist | Working on a RWBY Rewrite | African American | Weeb

Jan 2021
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