Ephemeral Taoist Syncretist, Poet & Bassist. Surreal aesthete, an abstracted soul surveying psychedelia. Fungus farm pleasing people. God is a mushroom scintillating beetles. We are the beetles, appearing as people. Sunshine is the souls light crystalized by our life. Primordial chaos is perennial harmony and growth. In nature there exists no order or form that the mind does not impose or abstract, simply myriad cadences of organization and mutual arising; balance and spontaneity. No contour delineates separate entity; the confluent energy of our cosmos is an omni-coeval expression of being. This is the eye and its heart beating-

I am Lucie. I draw. My illustrations reflect the world of a dreamer whose short nights are anything but sweet. Moments easily missable to a human eye carve themselves into the core of my inside with a ‘haart’ force. I seek beauty in sadness. I am Lucie. and

Artist, music lover, comics fan and soon to be creator

This Is Not a Loop
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This is life, remixed in the form of design, illustration, animation & beats. ✖️✖️✖️ Visual explorations: Studio work: ✖️✖️✖️ Subscribe for daily, moving fragments and visual thoughts. You can also subscribe to my creative studio's channel: @knotably and also join my new groups: Curated Visuals: Vintage Treasures: Wires & Tokens are highly appreciated.

Artist • Painter • Marbling • Mixed media ✨All artworks posted are my original handmade creations.✨ Please message for any commission artwork requests. Please subscribe to my artistic journey & thanks for the support •👁•

The phrase ‘Beauty Saves The World’ comes from the book ‘The Idiot’ by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Somehow I feel that there is a lot of truth in his words and I am trying to take his phrase to improve myself and the world around. On my blog page I want to show you the beauty of the world in form of photography, art and creative writing. Maybe I can inspire you to start saving your world with beauty, too!

Hello, my friends, welcome to my channel! On my page you will find topics related to craftsmanship, music, games, politics, and anything medieval. Free speech and civility are important to me. We should speak truth, and be equally willing to listen when others speak wise words. I am currently living in Daegu, South Korea and enjoying the beautiful country, temples, and castles. Feel free to chat and I will do my best to reply. If you can, subscribe so we can make this corner of the web a larger, better place. Thank you, all. Safe travels! I am currently living in South Korea. My @TAK_In_South_Korea page is basically defunct. You can follow my travels here :)

Indy 3D Art & Writing Goals: Build brands that are fueled by mainstream media arrogance and mold cast pop culture control, via sarcasm. Output = Relevant Comedy Series, PC Console Games, VR experiences that create change via the oppositions inability to take a joke.

Illustrations, crafts and story. As an artist I hope to provide the world with beauty. My work is often inspired by fairytales, myths, nature and biblical stories. I hope my art is able the illuminate a world of beauty, grace and romance. If you like my art please consider to tip me a token. In the future I’d like to enable rewards on minds if people are interested. My first goal is to share my inktober sketches on minds.

Be the Light to your Dark. Motivation, art, tips and original stories to help control your dark side. BRAND NEW to Minds.Com too; please give us time to build up :) Sincerely, Dark Wielder Studios

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