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"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." Purveyor of the odd and unusual. Shorten your Minds URLs: I like: * big butts, and I cannot lie * bad puns & dad jokes * agorism & anarchism * freedom / natural rights * individual liberty * cryptocurrency & bullion * guns & weapons * dark humor * taoism & i-ching * internet history * memes * 3d printers / cnc * music / art / literature * sarcasm & wordplay * philosophy * science & astronomy * conspiracy & eschatology * technology / developers * cartoons & comics * general stupidity ☛ How to Use a Seedbox: ☛ Watch cable TV for $10 a month (MINDS+ Members Only): ☛ Free Software from SSuite Office: ----------------------- Email: [email protected] You made it this far. Why not subscribe?
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Aspie, Female & Conspiracy Theory Investigator. I Wear Many Hat's.. Mainly The Tin foil Hat.... World Peace....

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All about animals.

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Not interested in Crypto!!....Husband of 1 wife for nearly 4 decades, father, grandfather and Living my best life possible in the land of my ancestors in Hawaii ... *Again...Not interested in crypto!!.. so please don’t message me about it!

Talk about firearms related things. Range related stuff. New to shooting we can help. Any firearms topic.

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Why not take an unorthodox look at our meaningless lives in the hope that we can better ourselves by discarding trivial nonsense? If It Wasn't For Those Damn Whelks! Otaku Memes Moar Than Programming Tutorials GIthub

Promoting prosperity without limitations, free knowledge, supporting those who fight for all liberty, and kickin' back with all of you chads #life #liberty #pursuitofhappiness #legalizeitall #freedom #nomasters

Admirer of arts. Planning to use this account as a blog for art history (coming soon xD )

Explorer of nature. Finder of stillness. Photographer. All photos © @aloneinthewoods Upvote, remind & subscribe! To all my supporters, Thank You! Visit me on Minds: Visit me on Steemit: Visit me on Instagram: PayPal donation:

Anywhere, USA
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Aug 2018
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