Just a guy trying to find a constant in an ever changing world. I love anime, art, cosplay, music, nature, and women (although not necessarily in that order). Those of you who create art (in any form) bring beauty into this world.

I post one thing. Tired of politics. Tired of pandemics. Tired of conspiracy theories. Search Minds, lots of great posters with uplifting messages. If I lift folks spirits (or more) than I am contributing to happiness. I make it clear what I post, so don't like it, move on. - The Reverend

Hello! Have a good time on Minds. I am trying to grow up my Channel. So if you like my pictures . Just gift me your vote and remind it. Thank you for that. If you dont like just ignore it. Leave your questions or comments in the comment section and I will respond? ======================== If you are under 18 (in some countries or regions 21) years of age and/or if it is illegal to view erotic material in your community, please leave now. ======================== Hall of Fame Posted here so the world can see who has sent me Wires. Thank You One and All! My intimate photos and contacts are here: http://privatefoto.info/

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just stuff i rely like that i find

Feb 2020
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