Just a guy trying to find a constant in an ever changing world. I love anime, art, cosplay, music, nature, and women (although not necessarily in that order). Those of you who create art (in any form) bring beauty into this world.

Girls, Games and Poetry.

I post one thing. Tired of politics. Tired of pandemics. Tired of conspiracy theories. Search Minds, lots of great posters with uplifting messages. If I lift folks spirits (or more) than I am contributing to happiness. I make it clear what I post, so don't like it, move on. - The Reverend

Hello! Have a good time on Minds. I am trying to grow up my Channel. So if you like my pictures . Just gift me your vote and remind it. Thank you for that. If you dont like just ignore it. Leave your questions or comments in the comment section and I will respond? ======================== If you are under 18 (in some countries or regions 21) years of age and/or if it is illegal to view erotic material in your community, please leave now. ======================== Hall of Fame Posted here so the world can see who has sent me Wires. Thank You One and All! My intimate photos and contacts are here: http://privatefoto.info/

a decentralized art collective ⚘

photos in the profile avatar are of the naked Mongolian girl Agnes from a Czech site nude-in-public.com and flash-in-public.com join this minds group for more public nudity https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/929436247210106880/feed Some Channels to follow in no particular order. Some that are on the list have not posted in a while but are closer to the top, some post even now but are closer towards the bottom. Just check them all out and see for yourself. @paul789 @oppoten @marsha_jean @BabeOLicious @beauty_boobs_butts @xsfx @asxk900 @girl2girl @HotBabe @adultgifs @beauty69 @heart_shaped_ass @teight1 @cebupussyflasher @charleshollander @jeanbon59 @Maestro1971 @Tayha68 @Hotbint @nudlifepic @NudeMuseMagazine @GirlsAZ @Girlschannel3 @BeautyBodyArt @NuArt @NakedWomen @GirlsOnYourMind @PleasurePlus @GoddessesMedia @MrEroticArt @HotBabe @Pusssy @MuhWomenz @NakedWomen @SexyAsses @313Chris @BabeOLicious @TheSatanicGardener @randomsomeone

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