"A gift economy may seem "freaky", but at least it's FREE!" The goal of this channel is to set up and organize give-away drives in various cities around the world. Everyone has goods they no longer use or have use for, as well as a service they can provide to someone else, so why not have one of your neighbors benefit from it? The inspiration for this came from the gift economy mentality, realizing that we are all one race existing on one planet, and that we should happily share our goods and services with each other without the use of money. Please don't offer drugs, sex toys, prostitution, ripped or dirty clothing, or loaded guns, as we want these events to be safe, healthy, and family-friendly. Our coordinators will kindly ask to inspect your goods and services to make sure they fit our criteria, and kindly ask you to leave if they don't. Also, there's absolutely no need for money at these events (as everything is free), however barter is optional. We hope you enjoy yourself! Get your FREEk on!

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May 2018
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