Minds Nodes

Launch your own social networking app

Start your own white-labeled social networking app for web and mobile by leveraging Minds’ open source code base.

Minds Nodes
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A platform branded your own way

Harness all of the features of Minds.com with your own design, brand name, domain and style. Set your own policies, develop your own network and contribute to the greater Minds open source project.

A full stack of features

The platform includes a wide variety of features, such as analytics, wallet, encrypted messaging, newsfeed, content hosting, blog editing, groups, hashtags, search, payments, advertising and more.

Sync across all devices

The Minds platform is built for all platforms, including Android, iOS and major web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Brave.

Other Nodes features

Supports many use cases

Social networking is an essential tool for communicating inside your own company or reaching people outside.

For your community

Stop outsourcing your social media presence and losing all of your reach. Regain direct access to your audience.

Open source contribution

All of your work will contribute to the greater Minds open source project of building free and open source social networking technology for the world.