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Shining a light on the antinomian conspiracy of the [Hermetic/Neoplatonic/Sufist/Rosicrucian/Kabbalist] Sabbatean-Frankist Illuminists and their dialectical subversion of the masses in pursuit of Zionist-Communist global hegemony! The doctrines of Liberalism were merely a precursory ruse for the coup d'état of the ancien régime. The conflict between Capitalism and Socialism is imaginary, as are utopian appeals to Liberty and Equality, ultimately paths to enslavement and inversion. With societal emphasis placed on material gain, humans are debased to the position of beasts (dysgenics), primarily seeking pleasure, and thus malleable in the hands of social engineers, especially with some of the technological advances becoming available to them (example: Chinese social credit system in development under CCP Maoist dictator Xi Jinping, currently expanding outside the territorial borders of his regime) . In essence, it is a de facto transgenerational eugenics program designed to first tame and then to domesticate and breed the subject population for the benefit of the human farmers. Existing under a public form of government (Republic), the political direction of a nation may be controlled indirectly through private/foreign interests while maintaining an illusion of freedom and prosperity for the citizens, while the actual result of the democratic process is the inevitable decay of the society, historically and logically. I have come from a background of libertarianism in the vein of Mises and Rothbard, prior to reaching my current views. I know very well the covert methods by which Liberalism masterfully presents itself as the moral and sustainable path. Libertarianism romanticizes and builds upon its ideals, and seems like the wise alternative to the post-Progressive Era [Fabian] Democratic-Socialist Republican/Democrat establishment. Yet in actuality, it serves to enable the efforts of post-modernists (Frankfurt School critical theory, Freudian psychoanalysis, etc.) to undermine the very cultural foundations that made the modern standard of living possible, considering that the latter brings destruction through subversive tactics that do not necessarily involve the initiation of physical violence, forbidden by the axiomatic NAP, to be successful (lack of resistance due to a perceived non-violation of libertarian principles). It is a deliberate circular trap forwarded by the global financial elite to prevent any true threat to their power, as the foundation of the ideology is entirely based on the fallible classical Liberal worldview that was intentionally utilized in the first place to usurp the authority of the traditional societal hierarchies for the purpose of eventually ushering in the Communist world order emerging in modern times. When prosperity is the goal of society, it inevitably results in the sacrifice of future generations for wealth, and the collapse of society. This can be recognized by earlier prosperity-driven societies such as the Phoenicians who literally devolved to normalizing the blood sacrifice of infants to their pagan dieties (Yahwism), to the society of today that artificially sustains itself by transgenerational debt slavery for an unsustainably high standard of living in the present, that commits mass abortions for the purpose of organ harvesting and transhumanist goals, that promotes dysgenic lifestyles in the name of diversity despite it's normalization being an obvious threat to maintaining the existence of our species, and that abandons meaningful raising of children and dating opportunities necessary for human survival for temporary technological distractions and mind-numbing entertainment which causes us to become addicted and dependent on the elites who are making use of our reliance on these "toys" to dominate and manipulate the masses into an AI-based technocratic surveillance system under their centralized panoptic control. I not only reject all exoteric forms of religion but also reject as deception religion in their occult/esoteric forms, (ie. gnosticism, mysticism, theosophy). Despite this being so, I study these subjects extensively due to their monumental impact on history and culture. I find value in life by aiming to achieve a purposeful and fulfilling future with the resources I have available, learning and reflecting on my experience for the potential productive and moral betterment of myself and others, remaining vigilant of the dark paths leading to nihilism and narcissism, and avoiding tendencies toward asceticism or hedonism.

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May 2021
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