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Twitter Political Bias, (Briefly) Explained

nickmon1112Dec 18, 2019, 1:48:27 AM

(Credit where credit is due. This epic banner with the Twitter bird on fire comes from this BuzzFeed article. I love it so much.)

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My Dear Jack articles were based off of concepts first reported by Allum Bokhari over at Breitbart. The guy has covered Big Tech bias for years now. All I did in my own investigating was flesh out those ideas. In 2018 Allum pointed out that Twitter's verification of the Sleeping Giants account signaled the company's approval for what the Giants were doing. Dorsey told Congress that verified users have content prioritized. Thus, Twitter was essentially providing endorsement promoting the Sleeping Giants as they attacked Breitbart's advertisers. In my follow-up, I gathered direct evidence of Twitter staff supporting the Sleeping Giants in their boycott campaigns.

Problem 1: Twitter allows and helps the Sleeping Giants attack Breitbart. Twitter is in a partnership with a competing outlet, BuzzFeed.

It couldn't be more straightforward than having Twitter's Chief Marketing Officer directly respond to the Sleeping Giants when pressed on a Twitter advertisement that showed up on Breitbart. Their "official" exchange serving as a tacit agreement between the company and outside activists. A tweet from Senior Manager Kelly Huffman makes Twitter's alliance with the Sleeping Giants absolutely clear. "Keep up the good fight!" Huffman told them after apparently meeting with the Giants at a ski resort. 

Kelly Huffman being the guy in charge of Twitter's self-serve advertising. The Sleeping Giants being a group that hounds Breitbart advertisers. I spotted at least four Twitter employees that used their work accounts to help the Sleeping Giants attack Breitbart. Those being now former staff who engaged in this behavior while working there. This behavior suits Huffman's #Resist agenda. "Twitter employees pushing back on Trump with something he understands. 💰 💰 #resist," he tweeted. 

Three current Twitter employees also pressured Breitbart's advertisers on behalf of the Sleeping Giants.

1.) David Yun, Director of Product Management. [1] [2]

2.) Rahul Sharodi, Research: Market Insights and Analytics. [1] [2] [3] [4]

3.) David Marwick, Sr. Software Engineer. [1]

Elizabeth Primm and one Jessica P. participated in a campaign to oust Alex Jones from social media platforms. Miguel Rios-Berrios had a grudge against Fox News and wanted the Sleeping Giants to go after their advertisers.

Twitter employees going after Breitbart matters because Twitter is in a working partnership with BuzzFeed. They run a program called "AM to DM" on the Twitter platform. It's a unique relationship insofar the 20,000 regular audience metrics are viewership metrics that platforms like Facebook and YouTube couldn't deliver. A key element of the Twitter/BuzzFeed marriage is the advertisement money involved. The political nature stems from the marketing success of Twitter's one-off hook-up with BuzzFeed for 2016 election coverage. AM to DM sold $250,000 and $500,000 ad spots for sponsors.

“Twitter is an amazing partner. They’re one of the best partners we work with,” BuzzFeed's former CRO Lee Brown once remarked.

It stands out when Twitter partners up with BuzzFeed, Disney, Vice, NBC, Vox, Viacom, etc. but leaves Breitbart out in the cold. Especially considering how Facebook gives Breitbart equal treatment in their recently launched news section.

The Sleeping Giants angle is only one of the two new perspectives I explored when it came to Twitter's political bias problem. Below is a video of a Twitter Senior Executive Assistant filming President Trump so she could chastise him online. After that we'll be exploring Twitter's relationship with Antifa.

On July 2nd 2019, days after the Antifa attack on Andy Ngo, Allum Bokhari reported that an inside source at Twitter says they doesn't consider Antifa accounts to be rule violating. Relevant given the Portland area's Rose City Antifa account behind coordinating the mob Ngo was attacked in. To confirm Bokhari's lead I did a deep dive into Emily Gorcenski. A central "node" for Antifa activity thanks to Gorcenski's involvement in the August 2017 counterprotest of Charlottesville.

Problem 2: Jack Dorsey and Twitter Executives look the other way when Antifa routinely breaks the rules by doxing their political adversaries. Twitter's verification system functions as de facto nepotism for friends of Silicon Valley.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey follows Emily Gorcenski and vice versa. DMs from Gorcenski to Jack establish she uses the connection in order to go after their political opponents, like Andy Ngo. Who got suspended for tweeting facts about Trans People. Emily Gorcenski boasted having Dorsey's help to get someone suspended for "deadnaming."

You'd think Jack Dorsey would've noticed Emily Gorcenski's hobby of doxing people. A habit that drags the target's families and kids into harm's way. A routine Gorcenski does so regularly that it makes VICE's profile on this data scientist feel incomplete.

I made a video to showcase Emily Gorcenski's doxing repertoire. Stuffed with enough examples that make Dorsey's ignorance of Gorcenski's violations evident. In my original piece I went over the nitty-gritty. But to cut to the chase Emily Gorcenski doxed an innocent man earlier this year. No excuses for that.

Jack Dorsey did nothing about it. Twitter staff did nothing about it.

Emily Gorcenski partnered up with former Google employee Liz Fong-Jones for a presentation on how Big Tech employees can politically tilt their employers from the inside. You should review the slideshow for yourself. It catalyzes an important element of the Big Tech bias discussion: the agenda, and how to carry out said agenda. The presentation was something that was clearly targeted for Twitter's people. Emily is generous in confessing their intentions. "I think a lot of you underestimate the degree to which I engage in narrative-driving to counteract rightward motion of the Overton window," they proclaimed. Gorcenski admits they're a partisan actor. Given both Emily's and Liz's numerous links with Twitter staff, they likely had no problem shaking things up on the inside. Want someone unsuspended? Liz got a former employee to hook that up. How about suspending someone for death threats? Say no more. Liz could forgo Twitter Support's usual public channels because she knew people at the company.

The Twitter bias discussion comes full circle back to verification. Liz Fong-Jones proves Twitter prioritizes policy enforcement for "people with blue checks." Thus their desire to want one. Even though Liz knew Twitter's tech team, it was a no-go at first. It finally happened after months of pushing via Twitter staff.

"For people saying being verified doesn't matter: it does. I actually now get Twitter support to respond to transphobia. Within 11 minutes. By locking the offenders' accounts," Liz tweeted a month after getting verified.

This is a problem that goes beyond the initial statements to Congress by Dorsey. Twitter verification doesn't just prioritize platform visibility, it prioritizes the given attention from Twitter Support. Fong-Jones clearly explains this is a system of nepotism that awards friends of Silicon Valley.

In both of my articles I bring up a Twitter employee named Alex (@euprax1a). They serve as the best example of Far Left polarization in the workplace. Alex's workplace demeanor was an obsession with purging "fascism." That being Alex's personal definition of the term. It plays out with them targeting the site's abuse policies. Point blank pushing a political agenda into the mix. Alex openly admits to using their Twitter employee "internal escalation privileges" for personal gains. In November 2017 Jack Dorsey neutered Twitter's formal verification process. Alex had targeted this exact thing for nearly a year. Alex is living proof of people's fears about political bias in Big Tech. "Ban." "Ban!" "BAN." "BAN!" The several months Alex spent reporting "white supremacist signaling" eventually claimed two victims.

Problem 3: Twitter's Trust & Safety team has no standards for appearing impartial. Twitter staff openly engage in politically motivated attacks online and offline.

Twitter's Trust & Safety department had always been a "black box." That's by their intentional design. The company didn't want someone like me to be able to find them and find potential political bias. But I did. In at least one case, a member of Twitter Trust & Safety erased the job from their Linkedin after I looked into them

What exactly is there for Twitter Trust & Safety to hide?

1.) David Rochford is a former Trust & Safety Operations Manager (June 2012 - November 2015). In November 2019 Rochford openly lobbied Twitter's Safety team to ban Gemma O'Doherty.

2.) Jen Clarke is a current director at Twitter Trust & Safety, serving since November 2012. They're in charge of hiring staff, so political bias impacting professional judgement is even more pressing. Clarke was Anti-Trump even before the 2016 election. "K, I'm out. I can't watch this happen. I am ashamed of this country, and disgusted by every single ignorant fuck who voted for Trump." Jen compares Trump to Hitler. Goes out of her way to avoid calling Trump the President. She's demonstrably incapable of separating people from political leanings.

3.) Micaela McDonald (going by the alias @Nora) is a former Twitter Senior Policy Manager. They're still relevant given Nora's current position as Pinterest's Head of User Services. While Twitter publicly distanced themselves from the SPLC, Nora is a fervent follower. Despises Trump to the point where she gives the middle finger to innocuous things like Presidential emergency alert tests. They're also an Anti-Kavanaugh activist. What's notable is Nora's regular habit of calling senators. It crosses into bizarre because Nora keeps a journal logging her efforts. "If anything happens to me, at least Jeff Sessions knows exactly how I feel about him."

4.) Yoel Roth is currently a Twitter Trust & Safety senior manager and been in that department since 2017. Back in August, Mitch McConnell suffered a temporary Twitter ban. It raised questions about Twitter's impartiality. Those concerns aren't unfounded, once we consider cases like Yoel Roth. "How does a personality-free bag of farts like Mitch McConnell actually win elections?" Roth once tweeted. Ironic that Yoel is also in charge of Twitter site integrity. That's brought into question since Roth broadly paints Republicans as "racists." Yoel identifies as Progressive, crucifies Trump supporters, loves the Anti-Trump protests, and thinks Trump looks like a pig. Many reasons to doubt what happened to McConnell being a "mistake."

5.) Eric Han was Twitter's Safety Policy Manager from September 2011 to December 2014. Han is still relevant because he became TikTok's Head of Safety in April 2019. He didn't even last a full year without screwing up. Eric got in hot water after TikTok banned a 17-year-old who discussed Chinese detention camps. The company's official stance was that the case was about ban evasion. That it wasn't political. Regardless, Eric Han issued a public apology to the teen. The incident unleashed a wave of doubt about TikTok's competence, as they admitted their strict hard line rules and policies. Eric's private Twitter account didn't stop me from finding evidence of far left leanings. A whole section (deleted! archived) on Han's personal site was dedicated to it. A February 2017 tweet from Eric's cousin confirms his political leanings. He shared a Facebook post from Han discussing an array of #Resist rhetoric.

6.) Dan Schneider. Seven years at Twitter, involved in Trust and Safety, with a likely focus in the spam department. Bitter about Trump's 2016 win. Bitter in 2017. Still bitter in 2019. He thought Donald would lose. Schneider believed the 2016 election results were the "end times being near" and described President Trump as a "Forever Dictator." Not exactly a surprise that Dan aligns himself with the anti-Trump protest crowd. But the likely potential this guy decides what counts as spam on Twitter is concerning.

7.) John Starr is a current director at Twitter Trust & Safety. What makes this unique is Starr's five-year gig at the FBI during the Obama administration. Given the whole political climate in Washington DC surrounding a long standoff between Trump and a nebulous "Deep State" that involves the Intelligence community. John started at Twitter in September 2016 during that crucial time leading up to the elections. "The challenge to Progressives rn: To ID & leverage opportunities to lead thru the low dark clouds of shock & sadness," he wrote after Trump won. John Starr openly identifies himself as a "#Resister" in the aftermath of Trump's inauguration. He used his Twitter account to publicly pressure politicians. John Starr is Twitter's bonafide Thought Cop waving around their #Resist badge for activism. He thinks the death penalty is racist. That the GOP is racist too. What could possibly go wrong at Twitter when a former Obama FBI official leads Trust & Safety and thinks Donald Trump is disgusting and dangerous?

Beyond Twitter Trust & Safety, there were two noteworthy cases of company staff crossing political lines.

Meet Max Michaels. He works at Twitter as a Staff Reliability Engineer and has done so since 2012. Max has quite the mouth on him. He encouraged a QAnon follower to commit suicide. A few months ago, Michaels told FOX's Trish Regan she's mentally ill. He has no filter. "I hope you die very soon" Max tweeted to Mitch McConnell. This VICE article confirms Max Michaels works at Twitter and that I'm not just having a stroke.

On June 30th 2019, Antifa faced off against the Proud Boys. Andy Ngo decided to cover the event even though Antifa weren't happy with him. It ended badly. He was at one point surrounded by the Far Left, things were thrown at him, and Ngo was physically beaten. They stole his equipment too. Ngo's injuries to the face and head ultimately caused a brain hemorrhage.

Max Michaels response to all this? "It’s almost like there are repercussions for being a piece of shit," he replied to Ngo. In the months afterward, Michaels gave him nicknames like "Bad Brain Andy," "diarrhea Andy," and "soft-brain bleed Andy." Given how Twitter had recently punished Andy Ngo for tweeting "wrong think" about transgender people, the litany of remarks made by a staff member caught his attention.

Andy Ngo asked Max Michaels if he still worked at Twitter. Max said "yes." The whole debacle is summarized here in an article on The Post Millennial.

Beyond Andy Ngo, Max Michaels wasn't afraid to let his political feelings loose on Twitter. They're not a fan of: Gateway Pundit, DC Examiner, Michael Tracy, Dave Rubin, Jesse Kelly, Allum Bokhari, Jordan Peterson, Meghan McCain, John LeFevre, Jack Kingston, Cathy Young, Carmine Sabia, Prager University, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Dan Crenshaw, Sean Davis, Piers Morgan, the NRA, Tucker Carlson, Jennifer Rubin, Charlie Kirk, Nick Fuentes, Chadwick Moore, Dana Loesch, Stefan Molyneux, or Seb Gorka. Twitter employee Max Michaels called Candace Owens a "media whore."

Max Michaels made remarks to Vice President Pence:

1.) (6:03 AM - 13 Jul 2019) "You’re going to hell bible boy."

2.) (9:39 AM - 30 Aug 2018) "hey jesus boy. your boss fucked a porn star while his wife was pregnant. respect my balls."

Also, remarks to President Trump:

1.) (11:58 AM - 10 Nov 2018) "Eat my ass dot org."

2.) (10:54 PM - 11 Jan 2018) "The decision to move happened during the Bush years due to security concerns. Not that truth has ever mattered or that you can actually fucking read, you disgusting skin bag of liquid human excrement."

3.) (7:27 AM - 13 Dec 2017) "With each passing day I become more convinced you are a sentient bag of diarrhea."

4.) (8:58 AM - 11 Feb 2017) "stop lying... We all know you can't read."

He called Senator John Cornyn a "slimey sack of shit," called US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a "fucking fat slob," told Congressman Steve King he's "a delusional piece of shit," told Senator Rand Paul he's a "bag of shit," and to top it all off Michaels suggested former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders should "eat less."

Now I know what you're saying. It couldn't get any worse than Max Michaels, right? Wrong. It can and it did. Meet Tyler Bussell. He's a Twitter engineer. I did my usual thing of finding tweets pointing towards a far left political bias. What I didn't expect is that someone out there would come forward with a serious allegation of battery.

The victim in this case wants explicit anonymity for fear of Antifa retribution. I understand why. After initially discussing the Bussell case, I personally found myself the target of a cyberattack. Someone spent a few days trying to access numerous accounts of mine.

The victim told me initially that it was because they were wearing a MAGA hat. They allege Tyler Bussell was beating on him and choking him. Pictures provided to me establish an altercation of some kind definitely occurred.

I reviewed the police report made as a result of this situation. What's striking is that in both the victim's and Bussell's versions of what happened, Tyler is the one who first engages in interaction. The victim was putting up signs on street posts when Tyler Bussell ripped one of them down and walked away with it. Where the two testimonies deviate is who throws the first physical push or punch. The victim says Bussell acted first, Tyler says it was vice versa. Both stories come back together when it comes to the victim following Bussell. Tyler states the victim was doing this in an act of aggression. Whereas the victim said he was simply trying to flag down police.

I asked the victim about the police report summary. They insist they didn't fight or punch at all at any point.

I must make this clear. The victim and Tyler Bussell accused each other of misdemeanor battery. Their court date was set for February 27th 2019. The victim showed up but Tyler Bussell failed to appear. Thus the court ruled “discharge for lack of evidence."

When we go back to my findings we'll find exactly that. Tyler Bussell made his Twitter account private in the time leading up to the court date. Therefore the court didn't have this luxury. I know this because Tyler announced it. "This account is no longer private and I just want to say, if you're not using mayo to make your grilled cheese you're doing it wrong. Also fuck Nazis." Months later, when someone asked the hypothetical question "what is my duty when I see a MAGA hat in the wild?" Bussell responded "Antifa them."

When I first broke this story on Telegram, Tyler Bussell was quick to cover his tracks yet again. As of now his Twitter account is private once more. However he made a point of deleting these two very pertinent tweets I highlighted. So for posterity sake, here they are.

1.) (7:31 PM - 27 Feb 2019) "This account is no longer private and I just want to say, if you're not using mayo to make your grilled cheese you're doing it wrong. Also fuck Nazis."

2.) (2:04 PM - 4 Sep 2019) "Antifa them"

Tyler also changed his Twitter bio to utter nonsense. Yet again trying to cover up relevant information about him as a person. Tyler Bussell listed the following statements in his Twitter bio alongside his job title as engineer: "the only good nazi is a dead nazi" and "You shouldn't punch Nazis - You should kill them".

In both the victim's recollection and Bussell's own accounting, Tyler is first in engaging. He took down posters that were in protest of Twitter's recent actions. While the incident didn't occur on Twitter property it occurred in the immediate street vicinity.

Given the fact Bussell deleted evidence and went into hiding instead of asserting innocence, there's ample room for me to report on this situation to the public. I took the liberty of reaching out to Twitter for comment. As of writing I have not heard back. If they ever do, I'll add it in.